Be Here Now

eye-candy-andy-whitfield-12Andy Whitfield was an amazing Australian actor who many of us would have seen in the first season of the Starz show Spartacus. If you haven’t, check it out – there’s something for both the ladies & the men plus a fair bit of violence. He was also in All Saints, Packed to the Rafters & McLeod’s Daughters

Sadly Andy passed after an 18 month battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, aged 39. After his diagnosis Andy invited a camera to follow him throughout his journey as he explored both medical and alternative healing option in Australia, New Zealand and India. Led by the Academy Award® Nominated and multiple award winning filmmaker, Lilibet Foster, a camera followed Andy and his gorgeous family’s unfolding story, for over a year. Andy also filmed personal diaries and took photographs throughout his journey. Together with the support of Sam Maydew, producer, Andy’s manager and principal of talent management and production company, The Collective, who brought everyone together, the documentary has gotten to a certain point.
But this doco needs our help. They have created a Kickstarter project looking to fund the additional filming and editing needed to finish the film. For your contributions, you will not only be rewarded with amazing, limited edition and collector’s item gifts, but you will be helping to make Andy’s wish come true – to help or inspire others – because the plan is to distribute the completed film as widely as possible internationally.

Andy’s Spartacus co-star, and friend, Jai Courtney discusses the project in the video below along with a few sneak peaks of the film. Have tissues handy.

Please support this Kickstarter, even if it’s only $5. Let’s help make Andy’s wish come true. Let’s “Be Here Now” and live life in the present.

You can also follow the film’s progress on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to this Kickstarter project. I’m just a huge fan of Andy’s and would love to see this story out there to help and inspire other.

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