Things I know….

Joining in with Things I know this week

…the blogging world is an awesome place sometimes. So much support and love is being shown for those who are hurting or grieving.

…it’s also full of some amazing, inspiring people. I won’t name them, cause they know who they are Winking smile

…that as horrible as things are people can’t blame movies/video games/heavy metal music/role playing games for people going mental. This is a topic that really gets me ranty so I won’t continue Winking smile

… Tassie is an wicked place to live

…I hate being sick. vomiting is not nice. waking at 2am with terrible stomach pains sucks

… I love my hubby for putting up with me while I’ve been sick & for looking after Miss K

… that my footy team rocks! My NRL team not so much. BUT they both had a win tonight so great start to the weekend Open-mouthed smile

… i’m looking forward to taking part in the Blogging Olympics

… i’m also looking forward to taking part in the Sweet Shoppe Summer Games (I haven’t digi scrapped for awhile)

… I’ll be sleeping in not getting up early to watch the Olympic opening ceremony, it’ll be repeated later in the day I imagine.

… I really need to go to bed LOL Night all

What things do you know?

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