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As I said yesterday in my Things I know post I love the blogging world and one of the things I really love about the blogging world is sharing great bloggers with my blog readers. Today I thought I’d share 5 of my current favs (& in no particular order)

Lizosauraus. Mainly cause she likes cats. I haven’t met her yet but now she lives in Tassie, maybe soon. And we can discuss all things cats and BlogPurr and web designy stuff.


You should pop on over to Sleepless Nights & congratulate her on the birth of her daughter (born today). Another Tassie blogger I’m looking forward to meeting eventually :)


I think most bloggers in Australia know (or know of) Magnetoboldtoo We’ve been chatting online for ages & finally met at DPCON12. She is as awesome in real life as she is online.


What can one say about Eden @ Edenland? She rocks and is an inspiration to so many. I also met her @ DPCON12. Eden went to Niger with World Vision and blogged about the food crisis there.

Edenland - you can't outrun your shadow.

and last, but by no means least, Lori (Random Ramblings of a SAHM). One strong and amazing woman who has been thru so much. I would love to have a coffee with her sometime and just be there to give her hugs

So, anyways that’s 5 of my favourite blogs. Who are your favourites?

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