What to do when you get stuck

I often get really stuck for what to blog about. Like really stuck. The times when nothing really ‘interesting’ is happening or when I’m feeling a bit blah or when I just have the real cant be bothered.

I decided to take part in the Blogging Olympics this year as I though it would be a great way to motivate myself & give me some post ideas. So far so good (expect I fell behind after day 3….). I posted in the Facebook group about my ‘hurdle’ of blogger block and had some great suggestions back. So I’m sharing some of the suggestions here with you, plus a few others I thought up.

* Post an infographic on a topic that interests you and your readers
* Minette suggested taking a walk and has some great tips to inspire yourself
* Cate suggested Three Sixty Five. I’ve downloaded it and look forward to using it as some inspiration for future posts. (you can read her review on her blog)
* This reminded me of 2 courses I’d taken over at Shimelle.com – Blogging for scrapbookers & Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers. The original class comes with a Year of blogging prompts – must dig them out again.

How do you beat blogging block?

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