Learn Something New–Week 1


I signed up for Learn Something New over at Shimelle.com last year and just followed along with the prompts & I think I may have even blogged a few. This year I’m blogging daily & posting at the end of each week. No mini album for me cause I know I’ll never finish it. Blogging it is much more doable.

So here we go for 2012

My name is Caroline and today is the first of September 2012. The last big adventure of my life would
probably be falling pregnant and giving birth to my daughter Miss K. I was so unprepared for the whole rollercoaster ride of pregnancy and parenting.

Three people who have been great teachers in my life
* My mum who taught me to be a great mother by supporting me, showing me unconditional love and being there when I need her most.
* My gran who taught me you are never to old to have fun.
* My bestie Lisa who taught me to believe in myself no matter what.

I would really like to move forward in a more organised fashion. I need to get some routines in place to make this happen. AND they have to simple otherwise I won’t follow them for long.

Come into my home and you’ll see I live with someone who can be a bit messy. You’ll also notice we LOVE books.

I’m much more a planner than spontaneous. I have learnt I need lists. I seem to get more done when I have lists. I like to have everything planned before I start a project or hold an event.

I wrote a card to someone special, for no real reason, just to say thank you.


An ‘ordinary’ day for me is up at 8, just pottering around home & playing with Miss K, checking Twitter & Facebook (probably a bit too much), taking lots of photos, surfing the net & watching TV of an evening then to bed about 10.30

So that’s week 1 of Learn Something New. Onto week 2…..

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