20 days–week 2

And here we are at the end of week 2. I am feeling so much more organised and the house is actually managing to stay clean!
We’re still nutting out our morning and evening routine but we’re slowly finding what work and what doesn’t.

Day 6 was the bathroom. Now I hate my bathroom, with a serious passion. I don’t mind that it’s small and I do like the fact the toilet is a separate room, it’s the fact that it’s wood panelled – the whole room! It’s vile. It’s starting to rot around the bath. Yuck. and probably a health hazard too. Can you guess which room we’re renovating next.

IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4366

IMG_4376 IMG_4377

Day 7 I cleaned and reorganised our fridge.

IMG_4383 IMG_4408

I’m surprised at how much stuff was out of date. I loved the idea of pre-cutting all our veg (you’ll have to scroll down the page a bit) so I’m going to invest in some new containers so we can do that here.

Day 8 was the spare room so I cleaned our sunroom. It houses our drier (until we finish doing up the laundry) and some of Miss K’s toys and her little table and chairs. I also decluttered all of Miss K’s toys. Some are being stored and others we’ll be giving away.

IMG_4409 IMG_4435

Day 9 – cleaning fans. Easy – don’t have any. We had the reverse cycle put in today so checking the filters will be a new monthly job. I decluttered our junk drawer into a box. I sat down Saturday and sorted it, threw away and put things in better places. Junk drawer organised.

Also organised my dairy for the rest of 2012. I’ve added all the birthdays, public holidays and events I know about now.

Day 10 was cleaning the oven, not one of my favourite jobs. Thanks to this challenge I’ve now found a super easy way to clean my oven. Love it!


Looking forward to starting week 3. I can’t believe we’re half way through.


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