100 days til Christmas

(well it was actually yesterday but I was busy)
OMG really? It can’t be that close already can it?

This year I’m aiming to try and be a bit more organised. Last year I had all the pressies bought weeks before Christmas and it felt great. This year I hope to do the same, especially as we’re having an early Christmas with the in-laws.

This year I’m going to be following along with List Plan It’s 100 Days to Christmas

(I’ll most likely still use Organized Christmas like last year too)

Are you organised for Christmas or do you leave things til the last minute?

4 thoughts on “100 days til Christmas”

  1. I found a great iphone gift planner app which is helping me keep track for Christmas gifts.

    Thankfully we are not hosting a Christmas party this year which makes it all so much easier 🙂

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