100 Happy Days 2015–the story so far

Today’s prompt is photography so I thought I’d share my #100HappyDays so far…
I can you have no idea what the #100HappyDays project is, go here. We’ll wait 🙂

Ok so now you are up to speed yes? Yes, good. I started on 24th March so here’s my March & April pics

#100HappyDays March 2015

March 24. Loving my daughter has an amazing group of friends; 25. first soccer training; 26. Making cards with my Cameo; 27.A new window, wall & door; 28. My YIAH kit arrived; 29. Watching the WWE Hall of Fame; 30.Wrestlemania 31; 31. Love that Miss K enjoys swimming.

#100HappyDays April 2015

April 1. Kindy Easter cooking; 2. New recipes with YIAH; 3.Blogging & listening to webinars; 4.Copic colouring for Easter; 5. Easter lunch with family; 6. A little gold bunny & a hot chocolate; 7.Fresh crusty bread and homemade butter; 8. New soccer boots; 9. Playing in Silhouette Studio to make a Shopkins card; 10. Friday night crafting; 11. Outside time; 12. Miss K reading to Miss A; 13. Miss A crawling; 14. Kitty cuddles; 15. Soccer practice; 16. Miss K’s writing;  17.Peek a boo; 18. First soccer game; 19. Cheeky chocolate face; 20. YIAH steak and veggies; 21. Sound asleep after swimming; 22.No explanation needed!; 23. Best mates; 24.Clean laundry; 25. A St George win makes me happy; 26.Card making day; 27. Miss K striking a pose; 28. Happy & sad – last cadbury creme egg; 29. YIAH Apple roses; 30. An invite to Mother’s Day morning tea at kindy

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