100 Happy Days 2016 – Month 1

This is the third year I’ve decided to do the 100 Happy days project. Here’s my first month of photos…


1. Happiness is a gorgeous sunset. 2. Happiness is a day baking. 3. Another day another cake creation. 4. PJ day. 5. Today this makes me happy – 2 sleeping kids nice and early. 6. Flowers and good news from mum make me happy today. 7. Birthday pressie for hubby. 8. Waiting for her sister to get home on the school bus. 9. Soccer season. 10. A win for the Hawks and MVP for Gibbo. 11. Our sick little piggy is getting better. 12. Back to uni. 13. Happiness is blowing bubbles. 14. Homemade sushi. 15. Love the random doodles and drawings from these two.


16. When hamburgers become rissoles. 17. A close game and a good win. 18. Taco salad for tea. Another yummy Favour Stack meal. 19. Road trip with Mum & the girls to Devonport. 20. Planning on doing some scrapping tonight. 21. Sleep. 22. Paperclipping Round Table & some blogging. 23. Footy day. First game in Tassie for the season. 24. It’s the simple things that make me happy – like a clean laundry. 25. Happy little monkey up late. 26. Cat games – Neko Atsume. 27. Loves soccer, just like her big sister. 29. Daddy teaching someone how to do Windows Updates. 30. A happy memory of Prince who passed away today. 31. 3 weeks in a row she’s scored a goal! 32. Baked spuds for tea. 33. Meeting Becky Higgins


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