100 Happy Days – Month 2

Opps I forgot to post my second month of my 100 Happy Days. So here are the next 30 days 🙂


33. The simple things – hot chocolate, marshmallows and scrapbooking; 34. Our first pumpkin; 35. A selfie I like; 36. Happy mail; 37. Esther Grace; 38. Donut cupcakes; 39. Birds in the rain; 40. Playing with Hex bugs; 41. Soccer training; 42. Devil sausages & rice, cooked by Miss K; 43. Sunrise; 44. Early Mother’s Day delivery for a friend’s mother in law; 45. One of my Mother’s Day pressies, illustrated by Miss K; 46. Mother’s Day flowers; 47. An orange tabby drawn by Miss K.


48. Miss K reading her school reader; 49. All ready to go; 50. Cupcakes; 51. Hand in hand after soccer; 52. Choc Raspberry brownies; 53. Cross Country; 54.Tidy again (but not for long); 55. In The Examiner talking about Ovarian cancer and our 1000 ribbon challenge; 56. Happy mail from Miss K’s teacher; 57. More ginger kitty cats; 58. Snapchatting; 59. Love how Miss k’s friends are happy to play with Miss A; 60. Tatty scones!; 61. Love this idea for a card; 62. Soccer training.

38 days to go.


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