14 Days of Cooking with the Thermo #4

Woohoo, it’s challenge time again and the first challenge for 2015 is…

lets go back to basics – with a 14 day challenge –
12th Jan- 25th Jan
Your challenge is to use your Thermomix every day for 14 days –
It doesn’t matter what you use it for – get out your EDC or B2B cookbooks –
Look though and set yourself a plan – even if it is just doing your rice – a simple salad – or boiling our eggs for lunches – for those not yet feeling confident
For our members who are Thermie “pros” – you can still participate in the challenge – your everyday cooking may well be the inspiration others need

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12th January: it’s summer here, school holidays and warm. Perfect time to have a go at making icypoles. Orange Calippo-style icy poles.  Yummo. Must try the lemon version.
13th January: day before payday. Perfect time to clean out the fridge and make savoury mince. Added bonus – makes enough so I can freeze for another meal. Also really nice cold in sandwiches or as shepherd’s pie.
14th January: hubby decided to have lamb cutlets. Miss k & I had salmon cakes from the Baby & Toddler book. Miss A had sweet potato (also from Baby & Toddler book)
15th January: someone (not mentioning any names) left a bag of groceries in the car which we didn’t realise til I went to cook tea last night. Queue frozen puff pastry that had defrosted. Made sausage rolls and quick pizza scrolls (they aren’t thermo but oh well)
16th January: Friday night is when hubby goes out to a mates to play Shadowrun. Decided I needed a sweet treat all to myself (well actually it was to freeze for daycare/kindy lunches) so made banana, honey & cinnamon muffins.
17th January: Miss A’s choice for tea – chicken so I made Thermofun chicken vol au vents. Totally forgot to take a photo. They were delicious!
18th January: A quick & easy tea – curried sausages.
19th January: Steak & veg night. Made honey joys as a treat for lunchboxes. 
20th January: We had pizza for tea. Made cupcakes as a trial for Australia Day
21st January: my Dad’s birthday. Converted his favourite cake – Chocolate Orange Drizzle cake 
22nd January: Beef & bacon pasta bake. A great one to cook then freeze for later (or have for lunch the next day)
23rd January: ThermoFun Coconut chicken curry. Even made my own coconut cream (OMG this is so easy & quick). 
24th January: Mini Italian lamb meatballs. These are super yummy. Miss K loved them so a possibility for school lunches. Made heaps so froze some. Will make them for Miss K’s birthday
25th January: ThermoFun Lamington cupcakes for a pre-Australia Day event. From the Australia Day recipe box – you can download it here.

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