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Going forward

Honestly this little blog has been a bit neglected. I don’t blog anywhere near as often as I used to…. Continue reading »

Blessed Winter Solstice, all be it a little late (& half yearly check in)

(bold is started, strike thru is finished & red isn’t done ) Celebrate my 40th birthday!! – what I did… Continue reading »

Hello April

Wow here we are in April already. I managed to blog every day last month, which is pretty good for… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 31

Self care ideas sleep go to bed early read listen to my favourite tunes journal colouring in doodling get outside… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 30

Things I’m good at (well I think so anyway) baking cakes memory keeping photography Previous DaysDay 1 Day 2 Day… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 29

Gratitude List – I’m thankful for … my parents my husband my kids extended family friends Previous DaysDay 1 Day… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 28

Big Ideas List Renovate so we have a new dining room and a 3rd bedroom get a uni degree Previous… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 27

Things I love about me I’m a crafty ass female I’m an awesome lady I gave birth to 2 amazing… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 26

Weekly Routine washing change sheets change towels soccer training in winter soccer games D&D on the weekend Sunday baking for… Continue reading »

BBJC Day 25

Daily Routines press sleep on the alarm wake up and turn off the alarm get up & get dressed get… Continue reading »