Week in the Life 2014 – Thursday

Wow the week is nearly over and so is October! Really enjoying Week in the Life this year – even if I keep forgetting to take photos but (thanks to my notes in Evernote) I have heaps to journal.

IMG_5365IMG_5371IMG_5366 IMG_5367IMG_5368IMG_5370  IMG_5373IMG_5372IMG_5374 IMG_5379IMG_5380IMG_5382IMG_5393aIMG_5381IMG_5386    IMG_5391IMG_5392  IMG_5394

  • Miss A awake for a feed at 6:30
  • Alarm went off at 7:30, Miss K up a few minutes later.
  • Shower then breakfast of homemade yoghurt and berry coulis with some fruit.
  • J dropped Miss K to daycare while I put Miss A down for her morning nap.
  • Cuppa and update the diary for the next 2 weeks.
  • Started on my Christmas planning with help from Organised Christmas. would prefer to be using the Organised Housewife Christmas planner (lost my 2013 version when my EHD crashed) cause it’s Australian. Deciding if I’ll reprint the 2013 Elf Planner (link is to the 2014 version).
  • Morning tea – cuppa & a lamington.
  • Checked the results for our local council election. Can’t believe how many people don’t vote. Happy with the result for mayor and surprised at the councillors who are out.
  • Folding the mountain of kids clothes
  • Lunch – toasted sang & Irn-Bru & a lamington
  • A quick selfie while feeding Miss A
  • Picked up Miss K from daycare and headed to town.
  • Appointment with ENT for Miss K. Yay no grommets and ears & tonsils are clear.
  • Called into Officeworks to grab something for work (& a little special something for Miss K for being so good at the ENT)
  • Popped into Mum & Dad’s for a visit and ended up staying for tea – beef stir fry & rice. Miss A had her first swing and loved it
  • Home and got the girls to bed.
  • Relaxing with a bit of TV and surfing the net.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of Frocktober for 2014. I’ll be back later on with the last of my frocks. There is still time to sponsor me and help me reach my goal. You can donate here.

Week in the Life 2014 – Wednesday

Another day. Another day of photos 😀 Hope you are enjoying a peek into our week.

IMG_5343 IMG_5344IMG_5345 IMG_5346IMG_5352IMG_5356IMG_5347IMG_5350IMG_5351 IMG_5349IMG_5353IMG_5354 IMG_5355IMG_5358IMG_5359IMG_5360IMG_5361IMG_5363IMG_5364IMG_5362

  • A rather long sleep in. Yeah I have a Tardis as my phone lock screen.
  • Today’s weather – still cold but no rain
  • Morning cuppa, breakfast (fruit) and a quick shower
  • Off to Possums. Miss K had fun while I got to listen to a talk about the importance of reading to kids (& got some free books)
  • Happy mail for Miss K
  • Miss K got a haircut ad we did some shopping
  • Home for a late lunch – sandwiches & a potato pie for J and lamington fingers for afters
  • Our gorgeous girls enjoying a cuddle then a massive explosion. So a bath and change of clothes for Miss A
  • Tried twice to get Miss A to have a nap but no success.
  • Tea – Lemon and ginger chicken and rice
  • Finally got Miss A to sleep. Swaddled which she normally hates. Going through a wonder week?
  • Made some yoghurt and berry coulis in the Thermomix
  • Packed lunch for Miss K – a banana, some homemade yoghurt, vegie sticks, fruit and a ham, carrot and Philly cheese sandwich
  • Sorted photos from today and watched the start of season 2 of Sleepy Hollow

Week in the Life 2014 – Tuesday

Today was a fairly quiet day as Miss K was at day care. That was until she came home. :/ She gets so hyped and tired and then misbehaves *sigh* such is the life with kids hey? Anywho onto our day

IMG_5304 IMG_5306 IMG_5307 IMG_5308 IMG_5310 IMG_5311 IMG_5312 IMG_5313 IMG_5316 IMG_5317 IMG_5318 IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5330 IMG_5342IMG_5338IMG_5331  IMG_5341 

  • Awake at 7:30 with the alarm, hit snooze and grabbed another 10 minutes. Can’t remember what time I brought Miss A to bed for a feed.
  • Checked the weather – looks like cold and rainy.
  • Finish packing Miss K her lunch – mini egg & bacon pies, some vegie sticks, strawberries, yoghurt a banana and a tuna snack.
  • Breakfast – coco pops, milk & sliced banana and a hit chocolate
  • Check emails & social media
  • Bin day
  • So it’s spring and we have to light the fire, so wrong
  • Plan of attack for today while Miss K is at day care & Miss A naps – clean the kitchen
  • A late shower then chuck on a load of washing then lunch – chicken , cheese & mayo sandwich
  • Found Miss K’s blue baby book while cleaning the kitchen. I’d put it “somewhere safe” (next to the microwave)
  • Tea – Thermomix sausage casserole with wedges. Put dishes in dishwasher.
  • A quick sunset snap, been awhile
  • Skype with my mum then girls to bed. three times. then Miss K woke Miss A :/
  • Check emails, another load of washing.
  • finished watching S1 of Sleepy Hollow
  • Still awake at 11pm with Miss A :/

A new project

Warning – this post is photo heavy.

Yet again I’m undertaking a new project. This is one I’ve tried to do in previous years but, honestly lost interest after the first day or two. BUT since the birth of Miss A I really want to document our every day and special moments.
Soooo I’m doing Ali Edwards Week in the Life (if you don’t know what Week in the Life is go here and read about it – we’ll wait). I gave this a go last year but did one day and then gave up. This year I am determined not to give up. I’m planning on blogging photos and stories here at the end of each day – helping me be a bit more accountable. Hopefully. Then at the end of the week I’ll create my pages and share them here. I’m not going to try and create my pages each day again. Think that’s one of the reasons I gave up last year.

Anywho, on to today’s photos and stories ……

WitL14_Mon01 WitL14_Mon02 WitL14_Mon03 WitL14_Mon04 WitL14_Mon05 WitL14_Mon06 WitL14_Mon07 WitL14_Mon08 WitL14_Mon09  WitL14_Mon10 WitL14_Mon11 WitL14_Mon12 WitL14_Mon13 WitL14_Mon14 WitL14_Mon15 WitL14_Mon16 WitL14_Mon17 WitL14_Mon18 WitL14_Mon19 WitL14_Mon20 WitL14_Mon21 WitL14_Mon22WitL14_Mon23  WitL14_Mon24WitL14_Mon25  

Today we….

  • woke at 4am to give Miss A a feed
  • Thunderstorms woke me & J up. Girls slept through it. That said we all stayed in bed til nearly 10!
  • Late breakfast, cuppa, check emails and blogs. Gotta love the feral morning hair
  • Quick shower and then some work before ringing Telstra to get some mobile issues sorted
  • Miss A went down for a nap. On our bed while the cat slept in the bassinet.
  • Mum came in for lunch.
  • Miss K, Miss A, Mum & I went to town for Miss K’s swimming lessons
  • Trip to Coles where we found Irn Bru!! and Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers (treats from Scotland)
  • Tea prep then chicken mornay for tea.
  • Miss A off to sleep for the night while I play a game or two of Bubble Witch 2 (what??)
  • Quick treat and checking emails then getting Miss A back to sleep.
  • Surfing the net, doing some blogging and watching Q and A
  • Sorting my photos for today
  • Hot chocolate then off to bed.

See you tomorrow!

My PL wish list (May 2014)

This list could get really, really long but I’ll keep it to what I really want this month. Things I would actually use in current projects not just buy & leave sitting around 😉
(Images are linked)

e05f96af131bc6e2c6c5a277cf853d6f.image.450x450 7d13383821828f6c0956da6672ded037.image.450x450 bh_personalyearbook_prev_1024x1024bh_cats_prev_1024x1024 bh_school_prev_1024x1024 BH_ProjectRealLife_CardPack_022614_01

  • The Daily Stamps (digital) at Peppermint Creative. All 5 versions (so far). This is the May set
  • Peppermint Creative LIP: Hello Let’s Go 3×4″ Journal & Filler Cards (digital) for my BYS album
  • Personal Yearbook Mini Kit for Miss K’s yearbook I plan on starting this year cause she started pre-kindy this week!
  • Cats Theme Pack for a mini album I want to finish on our cats. Started way back when I started scrapping in 2005!
  • School Theme Pack for Miss K’s yearbook.
  • List cards from Becky. Not sure what project I might use them in but I do want them LOL

What’s on your wish list right now?

{inter}National Scrapbook Day 2014

So this weekend is {inter}national Scrapbook Day (or iNSD) and there is heaps going on. Actually it’s the 3rd in the US so the 4th here in Oz.

Some of the things going on include……

Blisty are holding a giveaway for a HUGE scrap stash and some challenges so I’m entering that & checking out the challenges when they go up (when I get up tomorrow as most will go up while I’m asleep lol)

Big Picture Scrapbooking are holding a free event – National Scrapbook Day 10K. So expect a few pages from me over on Instagram with the hashtag #NSD10k.

Scrapbook Update are doing giveaways.

For the Project Life fans Becky is doing 30% of Digital & physical products for 24 hours.

Scrapbook.com has some challenges up too with some great prizes

I’m hoping to get some scrapping done tonight, tomorrow morning & tomorrow evening. Off to the Devil of a Cookbook thermo class with Fiona Hoskins tomorrow afternoon. Those in Launceston may remember her from Fee & Me, she’s now the Tasmanian state manager of Thermomix.  Looking forward to meeting her.

So what are your plans for iNSD? Know of any great freebies? Link me up to your favourite iNSD goings on.

Project Life (Jan–Mar 2014)

Finally got my 2014 pages up to date *yay* and I’ve got some more Life in Details projects to share.

First up January spread (no LiD project as I had the month off)

DSC_0036 DSC_0040DSC_0037 

February LiD project was red or pink. I created some digital cards but didn’t end up using them in a spread yet. Here’s one of the cards. Leave me a comment if you would like a copy of the cards.


March LiD was a sketch challenge & I used the sketch to create my month title card (for February)


My February pages

DSC_0041 DSC_0043

I used the current April challenge (pastels) to create 3 cards and used them for Miss K’s birthday spread

CB_April14_01 CB_April14_02 CB_April14_03

and the spread

CB_April14_left CB_April14_right

finally my March spread

DSC_0046 DSC_0048

love being up to date with my PL pages. Now I just need to get back up to date with my pregnancy mini album & Before Your Story album.

Scrap Teal You Drop 2014

Ovarian Cancer Australia invites groups and individuals around Australia host an Afternoon Teal® – a summer tea party for a great cause! Raising awareness of the symptoms, risks and impact of ovarian cancer, as well as raise vital funds to support their work in awareness, support, advocacy and research .

For the last two years mum & I have organised an Afternoon Teal® event called Scrap Teal You Drop. This year we organised a full day event and spent a couple of months planning and organising, sourcing donations for our raffles and supplies for our scrapbooking challenges.

We received some AMAZING donations from private individuals meaning those who have no scrapping ‘stash’ to raid had  an wonderful selection of papers & embellishments to use. Mum bought some gorgeous teal products from Sawyer’s Place to help create our Teal challenge pack but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Saturday night we set up our space, organised tables and packs for our attendees – a teal ribbon and information about Ovarian Cancer plus a symptom diary.

 Scrap Teal You Drop '14 setup 01 Scrap Teal You Drop '14 setup 02 Scrap Teal You Drop '14 setup 03

Sunday morning, the day of our event. Our all dayers and the morning crowd arrived and were welcomed and given a run down of our morning schedule. We had a couple of quick quizzes to warm up the brains and just for a little bit of fun. Then the ladies were shown a demo of some gorgeous handmade cards and an idea for using calico and stamping to make some lovely, individual gift ribbon.

Scrap Teal You Drop '14 stamped ribbon

We then had our first challenge of the day – a blind scrap. The ladies were given a list of products and after about 10 minutes sat down so I could read them their steps. Some followed along pretty close, others added their own spin and a few did their own thing.

Scrap Teal You Drop 14 - Blind Scrap Scrap Teal You Drop 14 - Blind Scrap Scrap Teal You Drop 14 - Blind Scrap

Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Blind Scrap page Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Blind Scrap page Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Blind Scrap page

Lunchtime and a wonderful spread provided by mum and a few others. A group photo was taken once the afternoon group arrived and before our morning group had left

.Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Group shot

Mum shared with us that the day marked 3 years since she had her surgery and was given 18 months to 3 years. In Australia, the overall five year survival rate for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is approximately 43% so fingers crossed we make it past the 5 years and beyond. This set me off – thanks pregnancy hormones so I had to have a quick teary break before struggling to read the first part of my afternoon speech discussing Ovarian Cancer and the symptoms. So after that slightly teary start to the afternoon our group got stuck into our Teal Challenge. It’s amazing to see how everyone created such a wide variety of pages were created using the same supplies (some seasoned scrappers who joined us added their own supplies) and the majority used the same photo.

Our pack consisted of a white cardstock base, some Sawyer’s Place sticky paper (I love this stuff), flair and washi tape plus some other pattern paper, teal ribbons and a teal ribbon sticker.

Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Teal Challenge Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Teal Challenge Scrap Teal You Drop '14 Teal Challenge

We finished of the day with afternoon tea. Lots of yummy goodies including a fruitcake made by mum, a delish mars bar slice and my Teal Ribbon cake, teal ribbon biscuits and teal cupcakes.

Scrap Teal You Drop '14 food Scrap Teal You Drop '14 food Scrap Teal You Drop '14 food

I must give a few thanks. To the lovely Ruth from Polly Scrap Kits who, apart from letting me share about Ovarian Cancer on the Polly Scrap site, added some teal products to the February kits (& had a teal add-on kit) AND donated 50c from each kit sold to our fundraising tally. To the local George Town businesses who donated prizes for our minor raffle. To Hawthorn Football Club and Phil Kuruvita who donated prizes for our major raffle which is being drawn at the end of April.

After speaking to Mum today so far our fundraising tally is sitting at $1738! Thank you to all who have donated so far. If you’d like to donate, you still can by going to my GoFundraise page

Project Life on Pinterest

One of the things I’ve added to my list of things to do this year is better organise my Pinterest boards & making sure all the links are still valid so I’m starting with one of my most used boards & that’s my Project Life board. Instead of having one board for everything Pinterest I’m separating out my boards into subjects…

Project Life – General. Ideas and inspiration for any type of album. (I’m still sorting this board)


Project Life – Wedding. All the ideas I might want to use in our wedding album. Seriously if you want to get your wedding album done I would recommend doing it Project Life style – it’s so quick & easy (unless you get side tracked by all the cute products lol)


Project Life – House. Ideas & inspiration for when I finally get around to doing our house reno album. It’s pretty empty at the moment


Project Life – Baby & Children. Ideas and inspiration for my children’s albums. Includes ideas for my pregnancy mini albums


Project Life – Sketches. Random sketches for creating my own cards.


Project Life – Wish List. products I want to buy


Project Life – Freebies. All my favourite freebies I’ve downloaded (or pinned to download later)


Project Life – My pages. For sharing my favourite pages of my own albums


Do you use Pinterest for Project life inspiration? I’d love to check out your boards so link me up 🙂

Project Life

Fallen a bit behind on sharing my Project Life pages. Just thought I’d share the work I’ve been doing for the Life in Details challenge blog. If your  PLer or smashbooker you should check them out. Great inspiration each month 🙂

November’s challenge was to use some great free printables


December’s challenge was anything goes so I made a card to use in a Christmas spread

Dec Caroline

I missed January’s challenge cause I was pretty sick over Christmas. February’s challenge was to use pink & red. You still have time to enter and maybe even nab yourself some free printables made by me 🙂

Back later with my March Challenge card and some pages from my 2014 album