Cherish Your Cherubs Project – Record

I’m taking part in Seven Cherubs Cherish Your Cherubs Project.


The ‘challenge’ for this week is to Record what our cherubs re like right now.

Well Miss K has just hit 18 months (wow that went fast!) and ’chats’ no stop. She’s picked up her mum’s habit of being able to talk under water lol. We’ve been getting lots of new words in the last month but we do have a few favourites.


1. What are your cherubs interests? playing with my iPhone, trying to play on my laptop, pretending to cook, playing with our cats.

2. What do they like? music, cuddles, Talking Tom on my iphone

3. What do they dislike? strangers, sleeping during the day

4. What is their favourite food? eggs, preferably scrambled; pate (has to be chicken); rice

5. What is their favourite game to play? round & round the garden

6. What is their favourite saying? gain (as in again), drink, car

7. What song do they love the most? anything. Miss K LOVES music of any kind and is often found dancing to it if I have the music channel on

8. What is their favourite television show? Doctor Who (yup we have a Who geek at 18 months). Has shown no real interest in any children’s shows. Cries at The Wiggles & Dora

9. What is their favourite book? Where is the Green Sheep. Anything with Hairy Maclary

10. Who is their favourite friend? my Mum at the moment

One thought on “Cherish Your Cherubs Project – Record”

  1. Love your Cherish your Cherubs blog post. What a super cute cherub and I so love the 18 months age where they chat to you non stop. We love the Where is the Green Sheep in our house as well and totally cracks me up that she is a Doctor Who fan already! Thanks so much for linking up. N x

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