Christmas 2013 – advent ideas

Search on Pinterest and you will find thousands of ideas for advent calendars. Some are so cute. We bought a wall hanging last Christmas and had lots of fun filling the pocket each night. We also used it as a bit of a behaviour thing trying to get someone to sleep earlier. So if she went to sleep quickly she knew there would be something in the pocket in the morning.

This year I’ve decided to add a bit of variety to our advent and missy won’t be getting something everyday. Some days there will just be a piece of paper with something fun we can do together.

To help you out if you want to do something similar I’ve compiled a bit of a list of advent activities.

  1. make Christmas biscuits
  2. decorate the Christmas tree
  3. write a letter to Santa
  4. visit Santa (we’ll be going to Myer again this year as the Santa there is great)
  5. watch a Christmas movie
  6. donate some old toys to charity
  7. make some reindeer food (we’ll be using this recipe)
  8. read a Christmas book
  9. do some Christmas craft (I’ll be listing some ideas in a couple of days)
  10. make some Christmas biscuits for your friends (we’ll be making a batch to take to the last daycare before Christmas)
  11. Go for a drive and look at Christmas lights
  12. stay up late
  13. sleep in a tent
  14. make a paper garland
  15. do something nice for mum/dad
  16. put up Christmas decorations in your room
  17. go to your local Christmas parade
  18. have a North Pole breakfast (example 1, example 2) (I’ll blog ours if we do it)
  19. open a Christmas Eve gift (we’ll be doing a box with new pjs and a couple of other small things)
  20. have breakfast for tea
  21. listen to your favourite Christmas tunes
  22. find, download and play a Christmas app (I’ll be sharing a list of some good apps later)
  23. make a homemade ornament
  24. make some handmade tags for your presents
  25. make your own wrapping paper – roll of brown paper
  26. you get a special treat just from Mum (could be a small gift or doing something fun)
  27. you get a special treat just from Dad
  28. find a new Christmas recipe and try it out
  29. colour in a Christmas picture
  30. draw a picture to leave for Santa
  31. send a Christmas card to someone you know who lives interstate or overseas

If you Google ‘advent calendar activities’ you’ll get lots more ideas or check Pinterest.
You can also download a pdf I created of some of these activities

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