Christmas 2013 – pt 2

continuing from where I left off…..

Day 6
Christmas task: We ‘wrote’ to Santa. I’ve scanned it so I can add it to someone’s scrapbooks
Household task: Decluttering toys. As anyone with young children knows this can be a fun thing. How do you get rid of loved toys? We’ve brought in a ‘rule’ this year that we have to give some of our old toys away before Christmas each year so we have room for the new toys that Santa will, hopefully, bring. So I have 4 large boxes of toys we’ll sit down and go through over the weekend and decide which toys can get put away (just in case), which are  toys that are must keeps (but not currently played with and can be put into the toy rotation) and what can be donated to those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Day 7
Christmas task: Gift lists. I’ve got mine all written and in Evernote so I can refer to it on the go (especially handy if I don’t take my diary with me)
Household task: We decluttered some toys from missy’s bedroom. I fought the urge to clean it up.

Day 8
Christmas task: I’ve written up my list for Christmas cards. Still have to buy them.
Household task: This is my office desk. I have a big desk in the office but I do 99% of things on my laptop now. Little desk = no clutter. Love it.


Day 9
Christmas task: I’ve spent today with Mum and I’ve created a list of what I need to create the homemade gifts I’m doing for Christmas.
Household task: We’ve got 3 bookshelves in the dining/lounge area. One is for hubby’s RPG books, one for my craft stuff, scrapbook albums and some novels and the other is for novels, other books and well it’s a dumping area for other stuff. Hubby’s bookshelf is his responsibility but it stays pretty clean. I pulled everything off the other two book cases and gave them a good clean and have only put back what is meant to be there. Now we’ll see how long they stay clean.


Day 10
Christmas task: We’ve started buying our presents. Everything for Miss K, apart from stocking fillers & some new clothes & shoes, is bought waiting to be put together on Christmas Eve or wrapped.
Household task: My kitchen is such a bomb site at the moment, partly cause I’ve been a bit lazy of an evening. Today I got stuck in and decluttered and cleaned the bench. Much better


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