Christmas 2013 – pt 3

Day 11
Christmas task: I went and bought some cards from the Post Office. They have some that are supporting OCRF. Cards for overseas/interstate family are done. Letter to Santa is ready to be posted.
Household task: My pantry has needed re-organising for ages so I’m happy to get this done. I love Organised Housewife’s cork board in the pantry idea and am planning on setting up something similar.


Day 12
Christmas task: More Christmas cards done and ready to send. We’re starting 2 new traditiona this year – Christmas PJs & Elf on the Shelf. I’ll wrap them up and we’ll open them Christmas Eve before chucking on something festive to watch before bed (& me, I mean Santa, delivering presents to under the tree and Daddy, I mean Santa, setting up some presents up outside ready to be discovered Christmas morning). Other traditions we have are a new ornament for the tree each. Hubby & I will likely be getting some new Doctor Who ornaments and I’m not really sure what we’ll get Miss K as the Hallmark series we were getting her is getting pretty rare and expensive (hello, $60 for a Christmas ornament – before shipping from the US, don’t think so). I’d love to complete the set but we’ll have to wait and see.
Household task: Our laundry system at the moment is just wash as needed and it often ends up with me doing a huge wash over the weekend. Needs to be looked into and more organised.

Day 13
Christmas task: All our Christmas cards are done and ready to post. Think Geek order placed.
Household task: I’m ahead on today’s task as I reorganised Miss K’s bedroom last week.

Day 14
Christmas task: Miss K sat down and ‘wrote’ all her cards.
Household task: Also ahead on today’s task too. Reorganised her toy room/sunroom a couple of weeks ago. Did give it a quick clean up though cause it was a bit bomb site lol

Day 15
Christmas task:  All up-to-date. Yay, go me LOL
Household task: I’ve been saying for ages I need to organise our plastics cupboard and this gave me the kick-start to do it. Lots of lids with no bases and lots of bases with no lids.


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