Christmas 2013 – pt 4

Day 16
(Can you believe we’re only a month out from Christmas!!)
Christmas task: We only have 2 rellies that we send Christmas cards to so these are done and will get posted later this week (along with their presents). I spent some time wrapping presents after Miss K goes to bed. I recently blogged about our advent plans along with a free download.
Household task: I’ve created a file in Evernote of all the dates I’ll add to my Inner B organiser (I get the refill for Christmas) after Christmas.

Day 17
Christmas task: Think I’m pretty much up to date, even have clothing sorted for the couple of Christmas dos we’re going to. Go me lol
Household task: Kitchen drawers are all organised from when I did a huge kitchen clean/cull when we got out thermomix.

Day 18
Christmas task: Created a Christmas playlist. Shared it on Spotify
Our area for displaying cards is still up from last year. It’s some Xmas twine hung above our fireplace and we’re used it on and off through the year to display our birthday cards
Household task: Hubby & I sat down and worked out a list of chores missy could do to help us out over the holidays. It will be interesting to see how long the novelty lasts for her.

Day 19
Christmas task: I addressed our envelopes as we did our cards, so ahead on this. Don’t actually own any Christmas books or DVDs that aren’t always out.
Household task: We’re lucky and don’t have anyone staying with us these holidays. Good thing too as they’d be sleeping on the couch cause we don’t have a spare bed 😉

Day 20
Christmas task: We got the tree & decorations out of the garage and gave them a bit of an air & de-spider web. I hung our advent calendar all ready for Dec 1.
Household task: I hate our under sink space but I’ve tidied it the best I can. A visit to Howards Storage World is in order next time we visit Hobart (I really wish one would open in Launceston – much closer)

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