Christmas 2013

Can you believe it is nearly Christmas? Over the past few years I’ve done a series of posts about Christmas but this year I think I’ll do things a little different.

I’m following along with Organised Housewife and her 2013 Organise Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Series so will be posting how I am going with that; sharing stuff I find on Pinterest and maybe, just maybe, sharing what I am making this year. Oh and the adventures of our Elf on the Shelf. Think Miss K is old enough now – if she hates it we probably won’t do it again.

Anyways onto what I’ve been up to in the last few days.

Monday saw the start of 2013 Organise Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (& it was our wedding anniversary) and I didn’t do anything. Tuesday came around and I got stuck in….
(days link to the posts – go check them out)

Day 1:
Christmas task: I printed out the pages I use for my Christmas planner and put them in my diary – the one place I know no one else looks. I’ve even put in my diary (& on my phone & the main calendar) all the important dates & events over Christmas like the day-care Christmas event, local Christmas parades, Christmas meals with friends.
Household task: cleaned & decluttered bedroom surfaces


Day 2:
Christmas task: Created our Christmas station – well in reality it’s a box with all my wrapping paper, sticky tape, tags and present bags
Household task: Lucky for me I’d recently decluttered our laundry cupboard but I did give it a quick tidy up.


Day 3:
Christmas task: Christmas cards. I’ll most likely buy some through Phoenix Trading as 50% of the money raised through Christmas card sales in 2013, will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Australia. So yay, supporting a charity I like to give as much to as I can
Household task: Declutter the lounge – this took ages as we’ve been using it as a bit of dumping ground lately.


Day 4:
Christmas task: Set up your advent list. I love buying little bits and pieces for our advent calendar through the year. I’ve created some printables that I’ll cut out and use too on a couple of days. I’ll be sharing my list in a couple of days so look out for it 🙂
Household task: Declutter the pantry. I found this hard as I really, really wanted to pull everything out and reorganise. I did get rid of a few things that were out of date and have grouped stuff that is nearly out of date so I use it soon. There’s no after pic as I didn’t tidy it at all – as much as I wanted too.


Day 5:
Christmas task:  Set up a gift wrapping container. Already done. I like to keep all my Christmassy bits together in one spot – on top of our wardrobe, out of reach of little prying eyes.
Household task: Declutter bathroom surfaces.


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