Coming to an end

I’m a little sad Frocktober has come to an end but looking forward to getting back into jeans when it’s a little cold. I’m super happy I’ve managed to raise $746 of my $1000 goal. You can still donate for another couple of weeks so yay!

Over the weekend, I held an afternoon tea to raise some more funds. Everyone who came frocked up & those that didn’t were ‘fined’. We had a great time, ate yummy food and played some fun games. There was a lucky door prize and a raffle.

I’d like to take a quick moment to thank those who donated items to the raffle:
* Pooki’s
* Amcal George Town
* my Mum (who donated heaps)

onto the final dresses……

IMG_5153 IMG_5206 IMG_5204
Day 22
Dress by Luca & Marc
Leggings by Target
Day 23
Dress by Rivers
Tshirt by Target
Day 24
Dress by Mia Rose
Shirt by Target
IMG_5343 IMG_5344 IMG_5239
Day 25
Dress by Rivers
Tshirt by Mavi
Day 26 *
Wedding dress by Jeanie Nitro, Silver dress by ?, Purple dress by ?
Day 27
Dress by Hess
Tshirt by Hess
Leggings by Target
IMG_5253 IMG_5272 IMG_5290
Day 28
Dress by Rivers
Shirt by Target
Day 29
Dress by Millers
Shirt by Millers
Day 30
Dress by Rivers
IMG_5362 IMG_5365 IMG_5312
Day 31
Dress by Mia Rose
and a final message and the reason why
I did Frocktober
(love you Mum!)

* Day 26 I forgot to take a photo of the dress  actually wore BUT you get photos of my in my wedding dress (that doesn’t fit me anymore *sad face*), the silver dress & purple dress were worn by my grandmothers to my parent’s wedding.

You can see all my daily frocks on Photobucket.
You can sponsor me here until the end of November

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