Currently #11

Raindrops on the fig tree

WEATHER: It’s the end of winter so it’s cold, raining,windy and sunny.

EATING:   Lots of Flavour Stack recipes. You can check them out over at Caroline’s YIAH Adventures.

DRINKING : Lots of hot drinks. Trying to keep the hands warm

LOVING :  how quickly Miss A has settled into daycare. Playing Pokemon GO.

READING : uni notes, recipe books 

ANTICIPATING : Miss A’s 2nd birthday

LISTENING TO : MUSIC :  Disturbed, FNM, lots of 90s stuff PODCAST :  Pocket Talk, Simple Scrapper member podcast

WATCHING : Game of Thrones; Preacher; WWE Cruiserweight Classic; Dice, Camera Action; Acquisitions Inc – The Series; Ghost Adventures

PLANNING : Miss A’s 2nd birthday, blog posts, uni assignments

LOOKING FORWARD TO : warmer weather

CREATING : Awesome Ladies Project layouts,  Project Life, birthday food, Day in the Life

NEED TO FINISH : cleaning up, making a plan of attack for cooking birthday food 

WISHING : it would warm up 

MAIN GOAL : get uni assignment done NOT the day before it is due

What are you “CURRENTLY” doing?

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