Currently #7


TIME: 8pm 1st March 2016

LOCATION : Our new dining room table

FEELING:   stressed.

LOVING :  our new (to us) furniture and slowly getting decluttered and more organised

READING : Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

DRINKING : Coke or hot chocolate or water or IrnBru

ANTICIPATING : our Afternoon Teal

LISTENING TO : MUSIC : random tunes   PODCAST :  nothing at the moment

WATCHING : new X Files, Lucifer, Agent Carter, Super Girl, Ghost Adventures, Supernatural

PLANNING : our Afternoon Teal

LOOKING FORWARD TO : a relaxing day with friends

CREATING :  my Awesome Ladies Project (more about that soon on my Scrap blog)

NEED TO FINISH : my 2015 PL albums

WISHING : that children would go to sleep and there were more hours in the day to do things

MAIN GOAL : to get everything ready for our Afternoon Teal

What are you “CURRENTLY” doing?

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