Friday Food–the 2 week edition

(posting late as we’ve had no net since Thursday nite *sigh*)

I didn’t get to post this last Friday so you’re getting 2 weeks worth of Friday Food today.

So last week it was cupcakes & Anzac biscuits. Through the week I made the yummiest Shepherd’s Pie using left over lamb roast and today I made brownies.

Anzacs are from the Central Cookbook. A family favourite.

The brownies are simple to make & I do recommend making a double batch cause they go pretty quick too.

The Shepherd’s Pie came about after deciding I was sick of doing the same things with our left over lamb roasts so (after a suggestion from hubby) I googled shepherd’s pie and came across this recipe. And let me tell you it is YUM!

and now I have ANOTHER foodie blog in my reader

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