From the Den kitchen–January 2022

A busy month with a few new recipes, some picked by the kiddos as they are still on holidays and picked some new recipes for us.

We love sloppy Joes so were keen to try a chicken version. These were good. Think I prefer them to the beef version. And silly me didn’t save the recipe.


Chicken rissoles were next up and these are pretty good. great the next day too.


Slow cooking is a favourite of mine when we’ve got a busy day. just chuck it all in and turn it on. Slow Cooked Honey Mustard Chicken is a new family favourite.


We often have Taco Tuesday but this time we mixed it up and had Enchiladas. These are so good.


I often buy Chicken Kiev but due to covid related food shortages they haven’t been available, so when it was just hubby & me for tea one night I searched on Cookidoo and found a recipe. It made a few so could make it when the kiddos are home too.


Something not chicken – Glazed honey balsamic pork chops. Hubby actually enjoyed these even though he’s not a fan of balsamic vinegar. I could have eaten 2.


Baked Riti was a recipe picked by the eldest. She loves spag bol but the rest of us a so sick of it. This is a yummy compromise.


Nachos was next on out list of something else apart from Tacos. These were spicy and I only used half the chilli. Will make again, maybe with even less chilli or bought taco seasoning.


and finally I decided to try a new meatloaf recipe as our usual has mince & sausage mince but I only had mince. This was nice but think I’ll stick with our usual.


What have you been cooking this month? Until next time….

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