Going forward

Honestly this little blog has been a bit neglected. I don’t blog anywhere near as often as I used to. You know what, it makes me sad. I miss blogging. I miss the community. I miss blog rolls. I honestly miss the time before when Facebook was a big thing. I miss forums. I miss my chronological Instagram. Hell, I’m just old school LOL.
Anywho hi if you’ve just started reading or welcome back if you’re an old reader who has popped back in again (& a big thanks to Caz for starting up the Old School bloggers page. I’m loving reconnecting with some of my favourite bloggers. Good to see so many of us feel the same)

I’ve been taking a few days to look over my list of 100 things and getting a bit overwhelmed by what I haven’t done so I have a plan. Not a cunning plan and it doesn’t involve a turnip*

There is quite a few things left on my list and 6 months to the end of the year. The plan – break it up into monthly chunks.
Some are ongoing so will get done each month.Some things are also month dependant like 30 Lists. Some things might not get done at all but meh they can go on next year’s list LOL

So my list for the rest of July

  • Personal email inbox to zero
  • Buy some jumpers for winter
  • Do the 100 Day Project
  • Do the 100 day happy project
  • Scrapbook with mum
  • Sort photos
  • Sort EHDs and make sure there’s no duplicates
  • Take the kids to Tazmazia

Things I’ll (try to) do every month:

  • Work through the Book of Me at Awesome Ladies
  • Project Life date at least once a week
  • Read the cards once a month
  • Blog a new recipe each month
  • Monthly blog back up
  • Work emails to zero each week
  • Get to bed 10:30 on weeknights
  • Learn a new recipe each month
  • Watch a documentary every month (6/12)

I’ll be back at the end of the month to see how I’ve done and share my list for next month

*It’s a Black Adder reference if you didn’t get it

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