Goodbye to the old and Hello to the new

For the first time in nearly forever I have actually filled a planner! No stopping halfway through a year because I just couldn’t be bothered anymore. 12 months in and I admit I still love my bullet journal and the system just works for me.


I really would have liked to start my new journal in January but space didn’t allow and that’s the beauty of a bullet journal – start when you are. So without further ado, here’s to my new journal and how I migrated.

I started off doing some searching into migrating to a new journal and ended up mainly using the tips from BohoBerry and Page Flutter. I created a spread of what I wanted to move, spreads to create and spreads to move to my ‘Long Term Collection’ TN insert.


Then I just cracked open the new book and got started!

Trying out a new format for my Future Log. Stuffed it up by not doing it pencil first and what I planned didn’t fit in the space I had. Stickers to the rescue!!


Next spread is Birthdays and Holidays I need to remember in the next 12 months


I’m going to try the Year in Pixels spread and see how it goes instead of tracking my moods weekly. I’ve also set up a tracker for my period, cause you know, it’s good to track these things. Oh and I can track the relationship between my headaches and my cycle.


I was going to do a step tracker but I am yet to find an idea I like to track my daily steps for 12 months. At this stage I will keep tracking them on my weekly spread. Another go at the 26 Pay savings challenge. We didn’t get very far this year due to a few large purchases. I’ve left the next 2 pages blank as I’m planning on adding a 2 page moon phase spread similar to the one I saw on this post on Boho Berry.

Then we’ve got my shipment tracker cause I love to keep track of all my purchases online. After all that we’re into my November pages. I’ve kept my monthly the same as previous but plan on trying a few new weekly spreads over the coming months. November’s weekly spreads are based on this one. I’ll be tracking the daily weather, my daily housework tasks, what we ate for tea as well as leaving a little space for random notes. Upside so far is that I’ve done the layout for the whole of November.

IMG_2230 IMG_2231 IMG_2232

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