Got my frock on!

And as week 3 comes to a close I am so really enjoying frocking up. I’m looking forward to summer and wearing dresses more often. Another THANK YOU for the donations – I’m at $300 of my $1000 goal.

So, we kicked it up a little this week and hubby played photographer for me (except for the 19th when I had a little fun). More dress recycling this week too.

IMG_4980 IMG_5014 IMG_5057
Day 15
Dress by Ripe
Day 16
Dress by Rivers
Shirt by Millers
Day 17
Dress by Rivers
Tshirt by Hess
IMG_5068 IMG_5087 IMG_5104
Day 18
Tshirt by Urban
Skirt by Grace Hill
Cardi by Capture
Day 19
Dress by Enchantress
Day 20
Dress by Rivers
tshirt by mavi
Cardi by Sportsgirl
Day 21
Dress by Mia Rose
Top by Vuios

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