In the Den Kitchen–December 2021

To start off December we had leftovers from another cooking of the brisket recipe we first did in October. This time we decided to try the leftovers in tacos. Such a great idea. Brisket is turning out to be a super versatile roast to do leftovers with. I just heated up the meat and shredded it then heated some tortillas. Usual taco fillings and you’re done. Quick and easy and everyone can serve themselves.

Next up this month was Plum Jelly Meatballs. A win, everybody liked them. Added to our book of recipes.


Honey chicken is a favourite in this house so we had to try the Recipe Tin Eats Crispy Honey Chicken. It lives up to it’s name. It stays super crispy.


I love fried rice and this Garlic Chicken Fried Rice was a winner.


Another brisket roast but this time it’s Slow Cooked Honey Soy Beef Brisket. So good. Also great the next night heated up and served in crepes.

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Christmas and we were asked to cook a Turducken. This is the recipe we used. Ended up giving it a little bit longer but it was still moist and delicious. No picture for this one as I forgot.

The last new recipe for this year was cooked on New Year’s Eve and was Air Fryer Sticky Chicken Bites.  Served with a cheesy potato bake.


Thanks for following along in 2021. I hope you tried something new and I look forward to sharing some new recipes with you all in 2022.

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