In the Den Kitchen – Homemade takeaway chicken

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a recipe here as most of my recipes I’ve been sharing over at Caroline’s YIAH Adventures but hubby recently decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen. Hopefully this will kick start us to try a new recipe (or 2) each month.

Anywho, KFC is a firm favourite in our house so when I saw this video on Facebook we decided we had to give it a go.

OMG the chicken is sooo close to actual KFC. It’s delicious, and it reheats the next day really well too. Bonus!!

The gravy, not so much. Don’t know why but I have another KFC style gravy to try so I’ll report back with my thoughts on that one.

I even found a recipe here for KFC style chip seasoning and it’s not the same but pretty yum.

If you like KFC I’d suggest you give this a try. Word of advice – make sure you don’t skip the eggwhite wash and it has to be fried. We tried it backed and it’s not as nice.

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