In the Den Kitchen–March recipes

Lots more new recipes this month, so strap in, it’s a long one.

First up we have a recipe from RecipeTinEats (we’re trying LOTS from there this month) – Honey Garlic chicken.


Thoughts…. loved it. sauce didn’t really thicken up but it was super yum. Could have had seconds, if there had been any.

Egg & Bacon sausage rolls. Simple as. Mix up some cooked bacon, egg and a little cheese. Put your puff pastry in the sausage roll maker. Add the mixture. Top with more puff pastry and cook for 10-15 minutes. Want a pizza version? Make a mix of tomato (or bbq) sauce, cooked diced onion, diced salami or twiggy sticks, diced ham and pizza cheese.


Greek Beef pasta bake. Kind of lasagne, kind of not. I’m not a huge fan of lasagne in general but this was ok. Feta in the pasta layer always a yum though.


Noodle salad. Made this one mainly as a lunch option for the big kiddo. She wasn’t overly keen so I had it for lunch for a couple of days. Flavour improves each day.


Thai chicken skewers with Peanut sauce. So good. Skewers were a little over done but it was the first time cooking them in the air fryer. Note to self – Peanut sauce is for dipping, not making a quick satay chicken.


General Tsao chicken. One hubby picked from our air fryer cookbook. Big thumbs up from everyone except the fussy child.


Chicken curry. Changed this one up a bit and added snow peas instead of frozen peas. Love a good curry, especially with coconut cream or milk.


Lamb koftas with yoghurt dressing and flat bread. This one has already gone in our cookbook of recipes to do again. Delicious. Flat bread recipe is super quick and easy. Fussy miss actually cooked this one for us (with help & supervision) and actually tried it. She loved the flat bread and salad, not so much the koftas or dressing.


Beef with broccoli think everyone enjoyed this one. Added a few extra veg as not everyone in our house eats broccoli


and finally this month…

Beef stir fry with Honey Pepper sauce Another super yummy stir fry for our favourites recipe book. Takes about 15 minutes too which always a win in my book.


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