In the Den Kitchen–September 2021

Wow it’s the end of September already. More recipes for you this month.

Littlest loves potato gems and pommes so I decided to give Pop Pom cottage pie a go. Well she didn’t like the pommes with melted cheese but apart from that she ate the lot.



Creamy Chicken & potato gem pie. Again another recipe to try and tempt the littlest to try something new. Wasn’t a fan and was grumpy that I’d used all the potato gems. The rest of us enjoyed itIMG_E4025

Hubby found a Air fryer pork belly recipe on Tik Tok so we tried it. Very yummy.


We actually tried a recipe that wasn’t a hit with anyone – slow cooker braised steak & onion. Don’t know what it was about this but we won’t be having it again.


Chicken & Ham lasagne. So yummy but needed something as it was a bit dry. Maybe some more cheese next time.


This satay chicken stir fry was really yummy. Biggest decided she didn’t like it because it had peanuts on it. She eats peanuts & likes them. Think she was being difficult.


The Thermomix recipes this month where Chicken Teriyaki, Mongolian Lamb, Beef Stroganof, Quiche Lorraine, Meatloaf, Chinese Pork & finally Beef Burgers. 

Chicken teriyaki IMG_E4020 IMG_E4047IMG_E4071 IMG_4204IMG_E4302 IMG_4308

Everything got the thumbs up, especially the burgers which were called the best burger recipe I’d ever made. It made enough to freeze some AND littlest actually ate one! She helped make them and she’s been told if she makes it she has to try it. Seems to be working well as she’s finding more things she likes so Yay!!

Sweet treat this month was self saucing butterscotch pudding. Very yummy.


Tik Tok recipe trends are a bit of a thing in our house. Can highly recommend trying the air fryer crumpet garlic bread.


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