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Since we’ve waved goodbye to summer here in Australia I thought I’d share my favourite recipes for using up your summer berries. You can do these any time of the year with frozen berries (just check your berries haven’t been recalled first – well months after you use them :/)

Of course a big favourite for berries is jam. Over Christmas I made a few batches of jam in the attempt to gather a few favourites I will use over & over. So here they are – Nightwolf’s Den favourite jam recipes…

In The Den Kitchen Nightwolf's Den favourite jam recipes

Strawberry Vanilla Jam by Tenina

Photo of Strawberry Vanilla Jam

Raspberry Jam (I used recipe 1)

Thermomix Raspberry Jam Recipe

Orange Marmalade


Bacon Jam by ThermoFun (not a fruit jam but so, so yummy. If you like bacon, try it)


and finally not a jam but a way to use up leftover strawberries – Strawberry Sauce (very nice over ice cream, in  a milkshake or mixed in lemonade)


What’s your favourite jam recipe? I’m always looking for more jams to try out.

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