In the Den Kitchen–a Frozen birthday

Welcome back to another week of In the Den Kitchen. I took a break last week due to being super busy with a certain 5 yo who wanted a Frozen birthday party. Today I’m just sharing links to some of the food I cooked.

There was the usual sausage rolls, party pies, cocktail savs, sandwiches & fairy bread. Plus mini Italian lamb meatballs from Thermofun and frozen blue jelly “ice” cubes. I’ve linked to the original recipe but here is my changes

[yumprint-recipe id=’15’]and then the cake – a simple 3 layer butter cake. The bottom layer was plain, the second layer had 5 drops of blue colouring & the top layer had 10 drops of blue colouring. Covered in blue buttercream and snow made of marshmallow fondant. Topped with a mini Anna & Elsa ($5 each from Kmart) and some candy ice (scroll down. OMG this recipe makes sooooooooo much. I’d halve it, or even quarter it next time. FYI you can just use glucose syrup instead of light corn syrup.), candles & a 5 sparkler

IMG_6432 IMG_6433

If you’re looking for ideas for a Frozen themed party, feel free to check out my Pinterest board, so many ideas I wish I had done 😉

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