July round up

Here we are at the end of the month and I’m checking in with my list for the month

  • Personal email inbox to zero – almost. Got it down to stuff I’m currently needing to keep in my mind and in eyesight when I open my email. Bonus points cause I did my blog email too
  • Buy some jumpers for winter – Still looking
  • Do the 100 Day Project –  Done just need to blog it
  • Do the 100 day happy project – I ended up just finishing off my 100 Days of Me project from last year. Also done and just need to blog it
  • Scrapbook with mum – had a card making day so I’m counting that
  • Sort photos – done
  • Sort EHDs and make sure there’s no duplicates– nearly done
  • Take the kids to Tazmazia – didn’t happen as they day we were going to go the weather was rubbish.

Things I’ll (try to) do every month:

  • Work through the Book of Me at Awesome Ladies ü
  • Project Life date at least once a week ü
  • Read the cards once a month ý
  • Blog a new recipe each month ý
  • Monthly blog back up ü
  • Work emails to zero each week ü
  • Get to bed 10:30 on weeknights – most night except for a few during the school holidays
  • Learn a new recipe each month – ü M&M Choc Chip Cookie bars
  • Watch a documentary every month (7/12) ü This month it was Churchill’s Secret Agents

Also I’ve decided to add a Currently list too. Card by RUKristin and you can read more about it here
(I’m adding the extended Currently card to my bullet journal at the end of each month)

2018-07-30 20-47

Back tomorrow with my August list

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