June 2013 Blogathon Mini challenges

Each blogathon there is a list of mini challenges which are totally optional. I’m creating this post to keep a tally of what I’ve completed. If you’ve signed up for the blogathon check out the mini challenges – they are always lots of fun & you learn useful stuff for your blog 🙂

  1. Make your own blog button – updated mine and now you can grab my blog button.
  2. SEO Basics: The Perfect About Page – updated my About page
  3. Branding Basic – a great list of ideas
  4. Writing a Series or Theme On Your Blog – yes I’m working on a little something…
  5. Understanding Blog Policies – updated my PR/Disclosure page
  6. A Professional Cover Photo for your Facebook Page – matches my blog again
  7. Creating a Blogging Notebook (Revised)
  8. Understanding Google PageRank, Alexa and Klout
  9. The Social Media of It All
  10. 13 Things Your Blog Should Have
  11. Create a Pinnable Image for Pinterest

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