Our House

in the middle of our street.

Love that song, it’s such a classic. Anywho, that’s a slight distraction from what I actually want to write about today. When we bought our house about 5years ago we bought it as a renovation project. A very slow renovation project. But that’s ok. I thought about starting a new blog to record what we did but we all know I struggle with keeping more than one blog 😉 so I’ll be sharing our reno here under the category of Our House.

When we moved in we painted what was to become our temporary office/computer room and that was pretty much it. Everything else needed lots of work.


This was what our ‘office’ was for the first few weeks, where we survived on dial up internet waiting for our ADSL to be hooked back up


Our first semi major project was to rip this out.


We thought it was going to be difficult but it was all held in with a couple of screws. Easy – yup I did it at 9 months pregnant!

Next up was our kitchen cause the kitchen we had wasn’t great for a little person….

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