OTP, Art Journals & Cyber crops

Got the OTP challnge at Mystical Scrapbooks done. The challenge was to alter a mint tin BUT the tin had to serve a purpose.

Here’s my first (yup I’m making two) – a change tin.

Two cyber crops last night, one for ScrapWorld & one for Mystical Scrapbooks. Only got one LO finished thou. I’ve decided I am doing an art journal this year (after buying one last year & not doing it lol)

One of the MS challenges was to create a page that shared our 2008 resolutions. The page had to include a pic of ourself, journaling in list form, use black, white & one other colour (I chose purple) & some bling. So anywho I’ve made this my first page of my 2008 AJ.

Still have to scrap a blurry pic (& use 10 brads min), a page with purple pics, a page about a game & a page about my scraproom. Fairly easy as I have ideas for all of them. Will share pics later & update the great scraproom adventure 😉

The Great Scrap Room Adventure

So I have a room. I’m going to use this room from scrapbooking. I’m going to blog about my adventures in setting up & organising this room. Along the way I’ll share pics, layouts & hints & tips.

ATM I scrap on our kitchen table, only real problem with this is hubby & his mates also use said table of a weekend to play D&D, so your’s truely has to clean up the table every Saturday. Anywho, there is a room on the back of our garage that I’m gonna turn into my scrap room/cropping space (so I can have friends over to scrap). Only real problem atm this room out the back has no net connection, that & my computer for out there (yeah I own two computers – we have 5 working computers plus a laptop & numerous non working computer at our place – hubby’s into computers) is sitting in bits cause I needed a hard drive for another project (yup I’m a computer nerd ;))

Will post before pics on Saturday. Feel free to share pics of ur room or any sites you think are helpful.

First Layouts for 2008

Had to work on New Year’s Day but had a majorly creative day & got 3 LOs done!

The first is for the We Dare Ya challenge @ Mystical Scrapbooks. Had to create a page with a positive message to ourselves. I’ve been dying to scrap a page using the lyrics to Beautiful by Christina Aguilera as I think it promotes a great positive message & it reminds me I am a beautiful person (no matter what other people may say)

(Credits can be seen here)

The second is for the January Scrap World sketch challenge.

(Credits can be seen here)

The third is for Mystical Scrapbooks Jan Sketch Challenge (& will end up being part of a two page LO)

(Credits can be seen here)

I’m gonna post my scrapping goals & a running page total on the side bar over –> (when I work it out).

Oh yeah Prima’s design team call is now over. So here comes the nerve wracking wait to see if I got picked. That would be soo cool. I <3 Prima (need to buy more when the scrapping budget allows – I’m going thru a real love of all things flowery atm)

Okies off to work. Hope everyone has a great day!

Shoe Charms & Crocs

How cool is this?

Shoe ornament

I’m not usually into shoes but this is very cool. Got it as a  Christmas present. Need to find out where to get them so I can send some to all the internet lovies who are shoe obsessed 😛

I also now am the proud owner of a pair of sea blue Crocs. I’m in lurve. They are mega comfortable. Now to get me some of those thingies that clip onto your crocs 😉

Okies back to work but I think I might scrap a page bout my crocs tonight 😉 (Am I becoming shoe obsessed? hehe)