Welcome to my new readers


Hi and welcome to anyone who is new here and finding Nightwolf’s Den, thanks to Blog Every Day in November.

I’m Caroline (aka Nightwolf).  I live in a smallish town in the north of the glorious state of Tasmania, Australia. I would love to live in the gorgeous, abundant green bush we have here in the state but the lack of internets is one of the things that keeps me here in suburbia.
Our household is currently my husband, our two gorgeous daughters, our two furry felines and 5 boisterous chooks.

What’s Nightwolf’s Den all about? I’m glad you asked.

It’s my little space on the web where I write about things. It’s a little craft, a little parenting and a lot of me. Less crafting now as that mainly lives over at Nightwolf Scraps.

I’ve been blogging, in some form, since about 2003. I’ve been scrapbooking and art journaling in various forms since 2005 (well really before that but I never gave it a name), taking photos for as long as I can remember, enjoying food and cooking since I was little, and parenting since 2010.

You can find me on the usual socials – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bullet Journaling–2 years in

Wait. What? Two years? I never stick with a planner system for that long. Today marks exactly 2 years & 3 days of using the Bullet Journal system. So what have I learned in that 2 years and what information would I pass on to someone who’s thinking about getting started with the system?

1. Visit bulletjournal.com and read everything on the site but make sure you start with the Learn section so you learn and understand the basics. Read Ryder’s book (released on Oct 23, 2018). Immerse yourself in the origins of the bullet journal before branching out.

2. You don’t need to buy all the supplies. I started with a book (I splurged and bought a Bullet Journal Leuchtturm1917 but you could start in any notebook you have), a black pen and raided my scrapbook stash

2018-10-08 19-34

3. DO NOT go on Instagram/Pinterest looking at bullet journal spreads. Well actually do, because they are an awesome source of inspiration. But don’t compare yourself to those people. It’s your book, it doesn’t have to look like theirs!
This leads me to my next point…

4. Don’t give up. Mistakes happen. Cover it up, rub it out. Try again. Keep going.


(Thanks Bob! *thumbs up*)

5. You can always create in pencil first.


What I’ve learned.

I like to change up my monthly and weekly spreads every now and then. I do find myself coming back to Ryder’s monthly log calendar though.

I love doing cover pages each month. Even if I don’t do one every month.


I do prefer to keep things minimalist. Just a few stickers here or there, maybe some washi tape or a doodle or two.

I work better if I keep my collections in a separate journal, especially if it’s something I’d add to over multiple journals. Some of the collections I have in my Long Term Collections book are:

  • Podcasts
  • TV Series
  • Books I’ve read
  • Movies I’ve watched
  • Twitch Streams I watch
  • 101 in 1001 days
  • Bill payments
  • Solar panel info
  • When did I last

2018-10-23 19-28 2018-10-23 19-30

2018-10-23 19-28 1 2018-10-23 19-30 22018-10-23 19-30 1 

My setup for the remainder of 2018/2019
I’ll be switching to my purple Leuchtturm1917 in January which feels strange as both my previous books have started in October/November

I’ll be creating an TN style setup in my old Inner-B planner (which I bloggers about here), it will houses my Leuchtturm1917, my Collections insert, my blog insert, and my Christmas insert (which I’ll share about in another post).

So that’s my first 2 years in a nutshell. I’ll be back with more of my bullet journal adventures in the future

Updates and babies

Well, the monthly thing worked well… not. Best laid plans and all that.

We had an awesome 4th birthday with a homemade Paw Patrol pinata. The kids loved it. I started organising my paper supplies, then found more to sort. Haven’t done any PL. Didn’t set up the Xbox. Didn’t create my Creative Hub. Started planning the update to my craft blog. Did Camp Reset and loved it. Will be blogging about it soon. I’ve made notes for my Book of Me but that’s about it.

In other news – we have a new baby in the family. No not me but my brother and his partner.

Lots happening craft wise in October and I’m planning to do Boho Berry’s October planner challenge on my new Insta account  – nightwolf_plans It’s all about planning and my bullet journal.

Not much else is new. Miss A started pre-kinder. We’re currently on school holidays and the kids are driving me nuts already.
West Coast Eagles won the AFL grand final, beating Collingwood. The Hawks women’s team won the VFLW finals. Box Hill Hawks won the VFL grand final. I’m hoping Melbourne Storm win the NRL Grand Final this evening.

Until next time.

Plans for August

The plans for this month…

  • Most importantly – someone is turning 4 so we’re having a Paw Patrol Party
  • Organise my paper scrapbook supplies – paper & PL supplies
  • Get K’s PL album complete up to the end of 2017
  • PL 2018 up to date
  • Set up the Xbox & use it
  • Create a scrapping binder/Creative Hub
  • New design for Nightwolf Scraps
  • Camp Reset

Things I’ll (try to) do every month:

  • Work through the Book of Me at Awesome Ladies
  • Project Life date at least once a week
  • Read the cards once a month
  • Blog a new recipe each month
  • Monthly blog back up
  • Work emails to zero each week
  • Get to bed 10:30 on weeknights
  • Learn a new recipe each month
  • Watch a documentary every month (7/12)

July round up

Here we are at the end of the month and I’m checking in with my list for the month

  • Personal email inbox to zero – almost. Got it down to stuff I’m currently needing to keep in my mind and in eyesight when I open my email. Bonus points cause I did my blog email too
  • Buy some jumpers for winter – Still looking
  • Do the 100 Day Project –  Done just need to blog it
  • Do the 100 day happy project – I ended up just finishing off my 100 Days of Me project from last year. Also done and just need to blog it
  • Scrapbook with mum – had a card making day so I’m counting that
  • Sort photos – done
  • Sort EHDs and make sure there’s no duplicates– nearly done
  • Take the kids to Tazmazia – didn’t happen as they day we were going to go the weather was rubbish.

Things I’ll (try to) do every month:

  • Work through the Book of Me at Awesome Ladies ü
  • Project Life date at least once a week ü
  • Read the cards once a month ý
  • Blog a new recipe each month ý
  • Monthly blog back up ü
  • Work emails to zero each week ü
  • Get to bed 10:30 on weeknights – most night except for a few during the school holidays
  • Learn a new recipe each month – ü M&M Choc Chip Cookie bars
  • Watch a documentary every month (7/12) ü This month it was Churchill’s Secret Agents

Also I’ve decided to add a Currently list too. Card by RUKristin and you can read more about it here
(I’m adding the extended Currently card to my bullet journal at the end of each month)

2018-07-30 20-47

Back tomorrow with my August list

Going forward

Honestly this little blog has been a bit neglected. I don’t blog anywhere near as often as I used to. You know what, it makes me sad. I miss blogging. I miss the community. I miss blog rolls. I honestly miss the time before when Facebook was a big thing. I miss forums. I miss my chronological Instagram. Hell, I’m just old school LOL.
Anywho hi if you’ve just started reading or welcome back if you’re an old reader who has popped back in again (& a big thanks to Caz for starting up the Old School bloggers page. I’m loving reconnecting with some of my favourite bloggers. Good to see so many of us feel the same)

I’ve been taking a few days to look over my list of 100 things and getting a bit overwhelmed by what I haven’t done so I have a plan. Not a cunning plan and it doesn’t involve a turnip*

There is quite a few things left on my list and 6 months to the end of the year. The plan – break it up into monthly chunks.
Some are ongoing so will get done each month.Some things are also month dependant like 30 Lists. Some things might not get done at all but meh they can go on next year’s list LOL

So my list for the rest of July

  • Personal email inbox to zero
  • Buy some jumpers for winter
  • Do the 100 Day Project
  • Do the 100 day happy project
  • Scrapbook with mum
  • Sort photos
  • Sort EHDs and make sure there’s no duplicates
  • Take the kids to Tazmazia

Things I’ll (try to) do every month:

  • Work through the Book of Me at Awesome Ladies
  • Project Life date at least once a week
  • Read the cards once a month
  • Blog a new recipe each month
  • Monthly blog back up
  • Work emails to zero each week
  • Get to bed 10:30 on weeknights
  • Learn a new recipe each month
  • Watch a documentary every month (6/12)

I’ll be back at the end of the month to see how I’ve done and share my list for next month

*It’s a Black Adder reference if you didn’t get it

Hello April

Wow here we are in April already.

I managed to blog every day last month, which is pretty good for me. I have a new recipe to share with you in the next couple of days that we tried last month & have cooked a few times since.

I don’t think I’ll continue the Boho Berry challenge for April, I may revisit it in May but I don’t know if I’d blog it again or if I did I’d do it in a different way.

Not much else is happening apart from lots of birthdays and planning for our 2018 Afternoon Teal event.

Hope your March was ok

BBJC Day 31

Self care ideas

  • sleep
  • go to bed early
  • read
  • listen to my favourite tunes
  • journal
  • colouring in
  • doodling
  • get outside
  • cuddle hubby, the kids, the cats
  • veg with a good tv series

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