Planning a fan-fairy-tastic 4th party

Miss K turns 4 this Sunday. Wow, feels strange typing that. Seems like yesterday I was still pregnant with her. Now she’s turning 4 and I’m pregnant with her little brother/sister (place your bets – I’m thinking a boy but I thought that last time round lol)

Anywho, I digress. When asked what she wanted for her party theme the answer was a very quick ”fairies” closely followed by her getting my well worn copy of the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake book and saying “with this cake please”


Insert a huge sign of relief from me cause that should be a lot easier than last year’s cake


mine looked nothing like this. The jelly melted and ran everywhere.

So we have a theme & a cake. I did a search for free fairy printables and found lots. We decided on this cute fairy invite and after much looking decided to use some of these fairy party printables

invitefairywide-420x0 welcome_sign1

Yup, this year I’m not making my own bits and pieces like invites & decorations. Don’t have the energy. Plus why reinvent the wheel 😉
Next on the list was food choices. Still keeping it simple but that’s another post.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

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