Review–Table of Plenty NoNo’s Bars

Can a kids snack be tasty & healthy? You bet it can! A lot of snacks marketed to kids are full of sugar so when I was asked to try Table of Plenty NoNo’s bars I jumped at the chance. The Mini Rice Cakes are super yum & healthy so I was hoping the NoNo’s bars would be the same. They are made of totally natural wholegrains and one bar contains less than 100 calories.

Berry Blast Web

I tried the Berry Blast NoNo’s first and was very pleasantly surprised. These are super yum. Lots of yummy dried pieces of cranberry.

Cocoa Crush Web

Miss K tried the Cocoa Crush NoNo’s and took a couple of bites then stole my Berry Blast one! The Cocoa Crush ones are not what I expected. They are nice and chocolaty but not too sweet.

So it’s a definite snack that will find it’s way into our trolley (that’s if our local supermarket stocks them)

Table of Plenty NoNo’s are available exclusively in Woolworths. RRP $4.25 per box.

Disclaimer: I received a box of Berry Blast & Cocoa Crush NoNo’s to try. All opinions are my own.

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