Still frocking

Week 2 of Frocktober is coming to a close and week 3 is starting. So far you’ve donated $175 toward my $1000 goal. THANK YOU!

This week I was a little lazy and recycled a few frocks from week 1. Like the dress by Luca & Marc, it’s paid for the whole $8 I paid for it at the local Vinnie’s (I seriously love this dress so you’ll probably see it a few more times before the end of the month).

Next week I’ll be doing something apart from selfies, just for a little variety 😉

IMG_4865 IMG_4889 IMG_4919
Day 8
Dress by Millers
Cardi by ?
Day 9
Dress by Rivers
Cardi by Myer Direct Leggings by Target
Day 10
Dress by Mia Rose
Cardi by Sportsgirl
IMG_4934 IMG_4947 IMG_4963
Day 11
Dress by Luca & Marc
Shirt by Millers
Day 12
Dress by Rivers
Tshirt by Hess
Day 13
Dress by Luca & Marc
(photo bomb by Miss K)
Day 14
Skirt by Millers
Tshirt by Mavi

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