Summer (or winter here in Oz) blogathon

Biannual Blogathon Bash

Well here it is, my mid-year bloggy to do list. Some things from last time and a few new things.

  • Write up some blog posts and schedule them.
  • Brainstorm ideas for blog.
  • Backup my blog
  • Create my own blog planner
  • Clean up and sort emails
  • Re-set up blogging app on ipad
  • Make sure my blog & sm branding is consistent
  • Add a Pinterest mouse over button to my blog
  • Tidy up my Pinterest boards (not really a bloggy thing but well it’s a social media thing attached to my blog)
  • Do some of the Blogathon mini challenges (my update list)
  • Project Life slideshows
  • ??? sure I’ll think of something else over the weekend 😉

8 thoughts on “Summer (or winter here in Oz) blogathon”

  1. Great list, every time I read someone’s list I can think of a few things to add to my Blogathon “to do list”! I am going to have to stop visiting people, my list is growing and getting totally out of control!! 😉 Hope you have fun and good luck with the Blogathon!

    Monica at Older Mommy Still Yummy

  2. Great list and some of the same types of things I should work on. Have a nice weekend and if there is time stop by and visit as I have a linky up where I can follow everyone from.

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