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100 Happy Days 2017: Days 21 to 40

Here, for your viewing pleasure are my next 20 images – April 14 to May 3. Created using Collect.

100 Happy Days 2017: Days 1 to 20

I love this project. I’ve taken part in this project for a couple of years and I love looking back… Continue reading »

100 Happy Days – Month 2

Opps I forgot to post my second month of my 100 Happy Days. So here are the next 30 days… Continue reading »

100 Happy Days 2016 – Month 1

This is the third year I’ve decided to do the 100 Happy days project. Here’s my first month of photos…… Continue reading »

Another 100 Happy days update

Happy days for May (from day 39 to 69) May 1. YIAH KFC style chicken & Homemade YIAH wedges; 2…. Continue reading »

100 Happy Days 2015–the story so far

Today’s prompt is photography so I thought I’d share my #100HappyDays so far…I can you have no idea what the… Continue reading »

And that’s a wrap

I can’t believe it’s been 100 days! Looking back over my photos, food has played a big part in my… Continue reading »

100 Happy Days – I’m still going

Can’t believe I’m still going with this. And still enjoying it. Here are days 69 to 82

More Happy Days

update time again. Days 57 to 68

100 Happy Days update

Thanks for your patience while I did some maintenance 🙂 It’s been awhile since I updated my 100 Happy Days… Continue reading »