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#30Lists March 2017 – Day 20

we unpack the winter/summer clothes we change the sheets (from cotton to flannelette or the other way round) day lights… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 19

Ali Edwards Becky Higgins RuKristin Heidi Swapp Shimelle

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 18

the ink runs out it doesn’t turn on it’s broken it doesn’t spark joy if the opportunity presents itself

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 17

I get an unexpected windfall things go the way I planned I get to spend time with all my family… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 16

my blog my bujo making lists – I love crossing things off

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 15

getting the girls’ project life albums up to date 30 Lists my Awesome ladies project up until March wedding album… Continue reading »

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 14

my family my friends causes I hold dear to my heart women’s rights myself

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 13

old computer stuff baby clothes scrapbooking stuff I don’t use

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 12

useless trivia Brian Cox fan club staying up way too late working

#30Lists March 2017 – Day 11

Let’s drive The little blue lagoon Gordon River Cradle Mountain