Days 10 – 13

Day 10 – I’m Craving


  • chocolate cupcakes
  • pizza scrolls
  • a day full of scrapbooking without a ‘helper’
  • cooler weather – maybe even some rain

Day 11 – Things I do every morning


  • get out of bed
  • have a hot chocolate
  • breakfast
  • check email and social media
  • shower
  • empty the dishwasher

Day 12 – Things I do every night


  • cook tea
  • bath a little person & get her to bed
  • talk to my Mum
  • read blogs
  • check email and social media
  • watch a little TV
  • have a hot drink
  • go to bed
  • read a book

Day 13 – My causes


  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Same-sex marriage & GLBT rights
  • Religious freedom

Day 8

Day 8 – Comfort Foods


  • fresh baked bread and homemade butter
  • lemon ginger chicken
  • choc chip biscuits
  • lemon slice
  • French toast
  • chocolate
  • ice cream with fresh berries
  • pancakes with lemon & sugar
  • a big bowl of homemade carrot/pumpkin/tomato soup with crusty bread

30 Days of Lists days 4 to 6

getting us back up to date here are my lists for days 4 to 6

Day 4


On an average day I…

  • drink lots of hot chocolate (what? I don’t drink coffee and rarely drink tea)
  • drink to much Coke
  • check my email at least once an hour (maybe more)
  • Google how to code something
  • have Photoshop open
  • stuff about on Facebook/Twitter
  • run around after a 3yo

Day 5


Things I would like to do by the end of the month

  • get 2011/2012 Project Life finished (I’m nearly there)
  • create a plan for our craft days
  • start a mailing list for Nightwolf’s Den
  • prep & pain the feature wall in the lounge room
  • do some art journal pages
  • make some cupcakes

Day 6


My talents

  • coking
  • creating
  • scrapbooking
  • card making
  • photography
  • IT stuff
  • teaching
  • music
  • planning
  • wasting time online 😉

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30 Days of Lists

And we’re back. Hoping the tinkering behind the scenes has fixed up a few bugs.

Here’s my cover and cover page.


Day 1.

I am a Lister because:

  • if it’s not written down, I forget
  • I *heart* making lists
  • lists make random look ordered
  • a chance to play with pretty pens
  • it’s quick

Day 2.


About Me.

* Mum, wife, daughter, sister * blogger * scrapbooker * photographer * list maker * pen collector * doodler * web designer * art journaler * goddess * ME!

Day 3.


This year I am going to …..

  • work out a decent filing system
  • organise our office
  • set up a vegie garden
  • get our laundry finished
  • finally hang our photos
  • get a new tattoo
  • buy a thermomix
  • get curtains for the kitchen
  • go on a picnic
  • do Frocktober again
  • take a burlesque class
  • art journal more
  • get my L plates
  • create a playlist of my favourite tunes

I’ll be back later today with lists 4-6 then hopefully I’ll be posting my list every day 🙂

You can follow mine & other 30listers on Instagram by searching for #30lists and on Flickr

30 lists and an update

I can’t remember if I shared that I signed up for 2 classes in March. One is a photography one and one is a crafty one.

The photography one is Phoneography 101 @ Photojojo University. It’s a whole $5 and it starts tomorrow. I’m hoping it’ll improve my photo taking skills on my phone. It’s for iPhone only at the moment but the Android class is coming soon.

The second class is 30 Days of Lists. It’s a collaboration between Kam of Campfire Chic and Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. 1 list every day for the month of March. A snapshot of my life right now.

And now the update. I’m going offline for the weekend staring at around 9.30pm tonight – well the blog is. It’ll hopefully be back, all shiny and new on Monday. I may be back earlier but we’ll see.