Even more food

Onto week 2…..

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KFC Style chicken (also known as popcorn chicken) & potato mashies. Love our KFC style chicken and the mashies are so delicious. A new way to use up any leftover mashed potato.

We actually skipped a day because my inlaws took us out for tea so that was why there was no insta pic on Thursday night.

Friday was Beef and Bacon Pasta bake. Another family favourite. Heaps of leftovers. Really easy to make. Only thing I do different from the recipe is to pre cook my pasta and then stir it into the meat mixture.

Saturday night was Teriyaki Pork Meatballs, Steamed Rice and Vegetables*. Seriously yummy. We hadn’t made this before but definitely will again. The meatballs were really nice and the sauce wasn’t overpowering.

This one is a favourite of mine. Makes heaps. Freezes well. Great for entertaining too. Creamy chicken vol-au-vents

Nearly done. Tonight we had potato topped meatloaf. Must be good, I had 2 helpings. Seriously it is good. And I’m not a huge fan of meatloaf.

Second last night and I swapped out another mince meal for Orange & Ginger Pork. Yummy and something quick and easy.

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary so I wasn’t cooking.

And bringing the first of my 14 day challenges to a close we had beef strog from the EDC. Another family favourite.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the next challenge for myself. I hope you enjoy these recipes I’ve shared.

* this recipe is part of the 2015 ThermoFunkies Club. It’s well worth the $37

Food, Glorious Food

Here we are. Seven days into my 14 day challenge and I hope you are looking forward to checking out the recipes.

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Bonus recipe – Honey soy meatballs. Wasn’t sure how this one would go but everyone loved it. It made enough for 2 adults, a 5yo and a 1yo plus leftovers (& a few sneaky ones snuck while mum was serving tea but shhh)

Day 1 – Honey chicken with rice. If you like Honey chicken from the takeaway you’ll love this one. Takes a bit of time but definitely worth the effort

Day 2 – Creamy bacon & basil bowtie pasta*. This one is a family favourite. Makes heaps.

Day 3 – Honey beef stir fry & noodles. Yummo. Love this one. Really nice with either steamed rice or noodles (we went with noodles)

Day 4 – Beef pies. New recipe for us. Had tried this recipe previously and it was ok, wanted to try something different. Added a couple of teaspoons of YIAH Veggie dip mix. Next time I’d add a little less. I decided to makes some wedges to go with it. You can grab the recipe (& what I’d change next time) here.

Day 5 – Moroccan style chicken roast with this stuffing and roast veggies. Wasn’t sure how this would go the first time I cooked it for one of the ThermoFun cook a longs but I was so pleasantly surprised. This is another family favourite I cook when we want something different from the usual roast chook. Always gives a moist roast, and if you put it in the oven for a bit, you get crispy skin.

Day 6 – Chicken mornay. Leftovers night! This is just a tuna mornay recipe made with leftover roast chicken. Seriously yum if you add a bit of grated cheese (& a little YIAH Herb & Garlic dip mix) Really nice the next day on toast with a little grated cheese on top.

Day 7 – Devil Sausages and mashed potato. Love this recipe. Love we end up with leftovers for lunch or another night. Bonus is we have enough leftover mash for tomorrow night’s meal.

*ThermomFun member recipe. If you have a thermo cooker I can highly recommend joining the ThermoFun site. A new recipe every week delivered to your inbox and access to a whole heap of helpful documents!

Two weeks of Thermomix goodness?

I’m really looking forward to this. For the next 14 days I’m cooking Thermomix main meals. What meals you ask? Well wait no more cause here’s the list…….

  1. Honey Chicken with rice
  2. Potato topped meatloaf & veggies
  3. Moroccan style roast chicken and roast vegies
  4. Teriyaki Pork Meatballs, Steamed Rice and Vegetables
  5. Creamy bacon & basil bowtie pasta (Thermofun 2014 p56)
  6. Creamy Chicken Vol au Vents
  7. honey beef and steamed rice
  8. potato mashies & popcorn chicken
  9. beef strog (EDC)
  10. beef & bacon pasta bake
  11. chicken mornay
  12. devil snags and mashed potato
  13. beef rissoles
  14. beef pies

Won’t be cooking them in this order but that’s what we’re having. Lots of chicken and beef, hubby will be happy.

I’ll be back in a week to give you the first 7 days of recipes, photos and opinions 🙂


Give me 2 weeks and I’ll give you 14 recipes

As you know, I LOVE cooking and baking and I’ve decided to challenge myself to do a few 2 week challenges and then you get the recipes PLUS I’ll be sharing our opinion on whether it’s a yay or nay.

So what are the challenges?

  • 14 days using YIAH in our main meal
  • 14 days of Thermomix main meals
  • 14 days of baking with YIAH
  • 14 days of baking with Thermomix (are you sensing a theme lol)
  • 14 of recipes from Pinterest
  • ????? who knows – I’m open to ideas

Starting on Tuesday I’ll be back posting what I’m cooking for the fortnight starting with using my Thermo for 14 main meals

In the Den Kitchen – YIAH Choc Chip biscuits

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Today’s recipe is a yummy snack or a great addition to your kid’s lunchbox 😉

YIAH choc chip ciscuits

You can make this with any of the YIAH chocolate powders – this time I used Choc Orange and the dark mint chocolate. Chocolate raspberry would be yum, as would Salted Maple or Chilli-Chocolate.

[yumprint-recipe id=’23’]