From the Den Kitchen–April 2022

Chicken Cordon Bleu rissoles & salad. I love cordon bleu but it is a pain to make. These rissoles are super yum and really easy. Big thumbs up from everyone.


BBQ Roast chicken. Needed a BBQ chook for  the next recipe but decided to make our own. This seasoning recipe is so close to the Woolworths BBQ Roast chicken. It’s a little spicier so the second time we made it we dropped back the chilli/paprika content and it was near spot on.


BBQ Chicken Pasta Salad. Big thumbs up from me but I love a good salad. Really nice the next day too. Makes a good lunchbox addition.


Pulled Pork Rigatoni. Something different to use up our leftover roast pork. Added some of the leftover gravy to the sauce. Didn’t use mushrooms. Only complaint was it was too much tomato. Going to try it again with less tomato and some extra veg.


Homemade hamburgers. Always a winner in our house as you can make them into a burger or just have them as rissoles. Enjoyed by all.


Lastly this month is a Slow Cooked Asian Glazed Chicken. Now we’re getting into the colder months, I’m trying to add more slow cooker meals into our weeks. This one was pretty good.


Until next month…