Something totally not Christmas

Hubby & I bought ourselves our first DSLR as an early Christmas present and in the last couple of months I’ve become a bit obsessed with sunsets and moon photography. I’m yet to see and photograph an aurora but it’s on the wish list 😉

Anywho, hubby rang me on his way home tonight & said go out and look at the moon. I did and this is what I saw. No editing, just straight off the camera

DSC_0198 DSC_0197

then I turned around to see this. Again no editing.

DSC_0210 DSC_0213


I hate having my photo taken. I’m nearly always the one behind the camera. And then a post by Tina really struck a chord with me and then a few days later she started the #tgdmselfieaday idea. Posting a selfie everyday in August.

I’ll let Tina explain it herself….

“I started a little hashtag
called #tgdmselfieaday
I thought I would be on my own
But my interweb friends came to play.
It all began with Mrs Woog
who wanted to know why women were bitches
And then this post on TGDM
because my fingers got the twitches.

In no time at all
and with no delays
we now have over 200 selfies
taken over the August days.

Seeing the faces of interweb friends
is one I think is fun
And if I’ve helped someone pop their selfie cherry
my job here is done.”

I managed to do a selfie every day in August except for 2, which I thought was pretty good actually. Think I’m inspired to do them more often. Thanks Tina, you’ve created a selfie monster LOL


7 months of photos

One of the things on my 100 things list was to do Fat Mum Slim’s photo-a-day challenge everyday in 2013. So far so good. Past attempts at Project 365 and similar have been sporadic or I’ve done a couple of months then given up. This year I’ve managed to keep up, even if I’ve had to play catch up on a couple of weeks here & there. I seem to be more motivated this year and having the prompts seems to help. AND having the monthly prompt as my lock screen on my iPhone helps for sure cause it’s there every time I unlock my phone.

So here’s my 7 months of photos….

FMS Photo a day Jan 2013 list FMS Photo a day Jan 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day Feb 2013 list FMS Photo a day Feb 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day March 2013 list FMS Photo a day March 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day April 2013 list FMS Photo a day April 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day May 2013 list FMS Photo a day May 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day June 2013 list FMS Photo a day June 2013 Photos

FMS Photo a day July 2013 list FMS Photo a day July 2013 Photos

You can see my larger images on ShutterCal.

In case you’re wondering, I use Project 365 Pro to create the calendar of shots. I also upload all my photos to ShutterCal and I have the option to get my images printed at the end of the year in 12 mini books (or postcards of any of my images at the ShutterCal store). They also have a handy iPhone app but I’ve found a minor problem with it (& the website) is you’re uploading photos the day after – well if your in Australia anyways.

Looking forward to the last half of the year. Bring on August!!