In the Den Kitchen – Cob loaf

You can now find previous In the Den Kitchen posts here or on Pinterest. Clicking Recipes in the menu above will also take you to my In the Den Kitchen Pinterest board. I’m slowly reworking some older posts so they will show up there too.

So last week I promised you my recipe for Cob Loaf. This is a Thermomix recipe but you could easily make it without.



[yumprint-recipe id=’16’]Now you can just eat this as is with butter (warm from the oven yum!!) or fill it with one of the many filled cob loaf recipes out there (like the one I shared last week)

In the Den Kitchen

You can now find previous In the Den Kitchen posts here or on Pinterest. Clicking Recipes in the menu above will also take you to my In the Den Kitchen Pinterest board. I’m slowly reworking some older posts so they will show up there too.

Since we’ve waved goodbye to summer here in Australia I thought I’d share my favourite recipes for using up your summer berries. You can do these any time of the year with frozen berries (just check your berries haven’t been recalled first – well months after you use them :/)

Of course a big favourite for berries is jam. Over Christmas I made a few batches of jam in the attempt to gather a few favourites I will use over & over. So here they are – Nightwolf’s Den favourite jam recipes…

In The Den Kitchen Nightwolf's Den favourite jam recipes

Strawberry Vanilla Jam by Tenina

Photo of Strawberry Vanilla Jam

Raspberry Jam (I used recipe 1)

Thermomix Raspberry Jam Recipe

Orange Marmalade


Bacon Jam by ThermoFun (not a fruit jam but so, so yummy. If you like bacon, try it)


and finally not a jam but a way to use up leftover strawberries – Strawberry Sauce (very nice over ice cream, in  a milkshake or mixed in lemonade)


What’s your favourite jam recipe? I’m always looking for more jams to try out.

In the Den Kitchen–a Frozen birthday

Welcome back to another week of In the Den Kitchen. I took a break last week due to being super busy with a certain 5 yo who wanted a Frozen birthday party. Today I’m just sharing links to some of the food I cooked.

There was the usual sausage rolls, party pies, cocktail savs, sandwiches & fairy bread. Plus mini Italian lamb meatballs from Thermofun and frozen blue jelly “ice” cubes. I’ve linked to the original recipe but here is my changes

[yumprint-recipe id=’15’]and then the cake – a simple 3 layer butter cake. The bottom layer was plain, the second layer had 5 drops of blue colouring & the top layer had 10 drops of blue colouring. Covered in blue buttercream and snow made of marshmallow fondant. Topped with a mini Anna & Elsa ($5 each from Kmart) and some candy ice (scroll down. OMG this recipe makes sooooooooo much. I’d halve it, or even quarter it next time. FYI you can just use glucose syrup instead of light corn syrup.), candles & a 5 sparkler

IMG_6432 IMG_6433

If you’re looking for ideas for a Frozen themed party, feel free to check out my Pinterest board, so many ideas I wish I had done 😉

In the Den Kitchen – Banana Biscuits

With Miss K starting kindy next week I’m in full ‘baking to freeze for lunch box’ mode. I spotted the recipe for Banana Biscuits on Kidspot and thought they looked pretty yum, and healthy. And easy to convert to do in the Thermomix. So here is my thermo conversion Banana Biscuits

Banana Biscuits

[yumprint-recipe id=’14’]

14 Days of Cooking with the Thermo #4

Woohoo, it’s challenge time again and the first challenge for 2015 is…

lets go back to basics – with a 14 day challenge –
12th Jan- 25th Jan
Your challenge is to use your Thermomix every day for 14 days –
It doesn’t matter what you use it for – get out your EDC or B2B cookbooks –
Look though and set yourself a plan – even if it is just doing your rice – a simple salad – or boiling our eggs for lunches – for those not yet feeling confident
For our members who are Thermie “pros” – you can still participate in the challenge – your everyday cooking may well be the inspiration others need

DSC_0024 DSC_0764 DSC_0010 DSC_0023 DSC_0070 DSC_0069IMG_5760 ChocOrangeDrizzleCake IMG_5723 IMG_5738 IMG_5745 IMG_5759

12th January: it’s summer here, school holidays and warm. Perfect time to have a go at making icypoles. Orange Calippo-style icy poles.  Yummo. Must try the lemon version.
13th January: day before payday. Perfect time to clean out the fridge and make savoury mince. Added bonus – makes enough so I can freeze for another meal. Also really nice cold in sandwiches or as shepherd’s pie.
14th January: hubby decided to have lamb cutlets. Miss k & I had salmon cakes from the Baby & Toddler book. Miss A had sweet potato (also from Baby & Toddler book)
15th January: someone (not mentioning any names) left a bag of groceries in the car which we didn’t realise til I went to cook tea last night. Queue frozen puff pastry that had defrosted. Made sausage rolls and quick pizza scrolls (they aren’t thermo but oh well)
16th January: Friday night is when hubby goes out to a mates to play Shadowrun. Decided I needed a sweet treat all to myself (well actually it was to freeze for daycare/kindy lunches) so made banana, honey & cinnamon muffins.
17th January: Miss A’s choice for tea – chicken so I made Thermofun chicken vol au vents. Totally forgot to take a photo. They were delicious!
18th January: A quick & easy tea – curried sausages.
19th January: Steak & veg night. Made honey joys as a treat for lunchboxes. 
20th January: We had pizza for tea. Made cupcakes as a trial for Australia Day
21st January: my Dad’s birthday. Converted his favourite cake – Chocolate Orange Drizzle cake 
22nd January: Beef & bacon pasta bake. A great one to cook then freeze for later (or have for lunch the next day)
23rd January: ThermoFun Coconut chicken curry. Even made my own coconut cream (OMG this is so easy & quick). 
24th January: Mini Italian lamb meatballs. These are super yummy. Miss K loved them so a possibility for school lunches. Made heaps so froze some. Will make them for Miss K’s birthday
25th January: ThermoFun Lamington cupcakes for a pre-Australia Day event. From the Australia Day recipe box – you can download it here.


14 Days of Thermo

I wasn’t sure how I’d go with this, especially when hubby said he wanted a chook roast but we managed and we got to try some new recipes, so it’s always a win.

Day 1 saw me making the salmon in the Varoma.

 Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

Day 2 was homemade pizza dough from the EDC (Everyday Cookbook). I love this pizza dough recipe. I made smaller pizzas this time so had dough left over and have frozen it for quick pizzas for lunch or tea (or a late night snack). We had a garlic pizza to share, I had BBQ base, ham, onion and cheese, hubby & Miss K had tomato base, salami, ham and cheese.


Day 3 – we were out all day but I whipped up the 5 second chocolate coconut slice. I love this slice and will often whip it up if we’re going somewhere and I want to take a little something.


Day 4 – savoury mince (with a side of wedges, sour cream & sweet chilli). So yummy. Might add some more herbs next time. Made enough to feed 2 adults and a 4yo. Hubby had seconds and there was still heaps to freeze for another night.


Day 5 – first time cooking a roast chicken in the Thermo. Used the recipe from the ThermoFun Cook Along. Super moist. Downside was, even with putting it in the oven for 15 minutes, no crispy skin. I can live with that.


Day 6 – Chicken mornay with leftover chicken. Yes the recipe is tuna but we substituted chicken for tuna. Very  nice. Served with rice. Would be yum mixed with pasta and sprinkled with some cheese


Day 7 – Sausage casserole from ThermoFun. Hubby thought this had too much tomato. I loved it, mixed with some sweet chilli sauce. Miss K loved it & has 3 helpings!!


Day 8 – Yoghurt (using the ThermoFun recipe – this is one of the best I’ve tried and turns out nice and thick) & berry coulis (EDC). So much cheaper than buying it. And I forgot to photograph it :/

Day 9 – Ended up staying at Mum& Dad’s for tea but had made some brownies earlier in the day. LOVE these brownies


Day 10 – Creamy tomato & bacon pasta. A quick, yum family favourite


Day 11 – Bourbon chicken (a ThremoFun club recipes). Mixed responses. Was nice but not sure if we’d have it again.


Day 12 –Honey Mustard Lamb roast (before cooking and served with roast veg)

IMG_5465 IMG_5471

Day 13 – bread. The BEST every white bread (so far). Super crispy crust and soft bread in the middle. Delicious – especially strait out of the oven spread with butter *yum*


Day 14 – Finally… curried sausages from the recipe community. Always yum. I added a bit of coconut this time and it’s yum.


Would I give this a go again? Hell yeah. I’ve enjoyed trying new recipes and using my Thermomix more. Maybe I’ll make it a monthly project.

A fortnight of thermo cooking

We’ve had our thermomix for just over a year now and I still don’t use it enough as I could/should. So for the next 14 days I am going to make myself use it everyday. I’ll be sharing photos and links to the recipes I cook unless the recipe is from the ThermFun recipe club. 

Tonight’s meal was a ThermoFun recipe – Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

Salmon Steaks with Cucumber & Spiced Yoghurt

I’ve never cooked fish in the thermo and I know how touchy salmon can be so jumping in at the deep end LOL

The salmon was perfectly cooked and melted in your mouth. I’d change the sauce slightly next time I made it – less coriander – but that was very yum too and would make a nice refreshing dip. 

I’ll be back at the end of the fortnight to let you know how I’ve gone but you can follow along daily as I’ll be Instagraming what I make – follow me @nightwolfs_den

Foodie post ahead

I’m often posting recipes here on the blog so have decided to create a list so you have an easy way to access them. So up there in the menu bar there is now a Recipes tab and you can pick what section you are interested in. Or you can just use the search feature 😉

I’m slowly adding to the list so not all the recipes will be there. Another thing I’m doing is re-writing the recipes to make them easier for you to print out.

14 Days of Cooking with the Thermo #3

The new challenge for this fortnight is


1. – Warming – healing – nurturing – easy meals for when we are sick or someone in the family is
2. – Cooking that you can do either with the kids – or for the kids whilst they are on school holidays

Pumpkin Soup Wagon Wheel Slice Celebration Cupcakes Banana Cake Cheese & Bacon Scrolls Beef & Bacon Pasta Bake Devilled Sausages

Monday 14/07 – Pumpkin Soup (converted from Mum’s recipe)
Tuesday 15/07 – ThermOMG Wagon Wheel Slice
Wednesday 16/07 – converted a cupcake recipe with Miss K (Celebration cupcakes)
Thursday 17/07 – Miss K & I converted our favourite banana cake recipe (Banana cake)
Friday 18/07 – Cheese & Bacon Scrolls (with a little added YIAH Pizza spice blend)
Saturday 19/07 – Beef & Bacon Pasta bake (not really healing but yummy on a cold winter night)
Sunday 20/7 – Devilled Sausages & potato bake (potato layered with diced bacon and EDC cheese sauce)

Jaffa Custard EDC Orange Juice Carrot Soup Jam Drops Spag Bol mince Sausage Rolls Cinnamon Scrolls

Monday 21/07 – Jaffa Custard
Tuesday 22/07 – EDC Orange Juice
Wednesday 23/07 – Carrot soup (converted from another of Mum’s recipes)
Thursday 24/07 – Jam drops
Friday 25/07 – Spag Bol using this Lasagne recipe (to put in the freezer – stocking up b4 bub arrives)
Saturday 26/07 – Sausage Rolls
Sunday 27/07 – Cinnamon Scrolls

Another 14 days of good cooking, food in the freezer and a few new to us recipes. Look forward to the next one.