From the Den Kitchen–Me & my Thermo

Yup, we finally got one. Last Saturday our new Thermomix arrived and both hubby & I have been cooking up a storm in it.

Thanks to Belinda, our lovely Thermo consultant, we had a delicious demo meal with some friends & family – sorbet, dip, soup, rolls, a chicken dish and then custard all in 2 hours. If you get the chance – go to a Thermo demo – you won’t be disappointed 😉

We’ve made Anzacs, scrambled eggs, orange juice, not tinned spaghetti, silverside & mustard sauce, more Anzacs, honey joys, Profiteroles, Chicken & corn soup AND a sponge cake! I’m currently making a cheese, bacon & garlic pull apart and tomorrow the plan is to make some vanilla essence (& vanilla ben paste), Scottish tablet (fudge) and maybe try making my own condensed milk.

IMG_1423 IMG_1413 IMG_1444 IMG_1478 IMG_1493 IMG_1497 IMG_1509

Do you own a Thermomix? Do you want one? Not fussed?
If you do – favourite recipes?? or blogs – always looking for new blogs 😉